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The allure of fad diets, and why they fail

In a new book, Penn nutritional anthropologist Janet Chrzan and Kima Cargill of the University of Washington, Tacoma, explain the cultural, social, and psychological fixation on fad diets and why they don’t typically succeed.

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Five countries that produce the best nurses

The School of Nursing is lauded as the top ranked nursing school in the world, placing the U.S. at the top of an Insider Monkey analysis of the world’s top nursing universities.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Two Georgia cities among most obese in nation

Colleen Tewksbury of the School of Nursing says that insurance coverage is the primary barrier for access to weight management treatment.


Australian Women’s Health

Everything you know about self-care isn’t wrong … but it’s not quite right

Barbara Riegel of the School of Nursing says that ignoring self-care can set people up for major health issues down the line, from burnout to true chronic illnesses.



Nursing schools offer loan forgiveness programs to offset nurse shortage

A $125 million endowment to the School of Nursing will allow its students that are nurses to apply to become nurse practitioners through the Leonard A. Lauder Community Care Nurse Practitioner Program.


An LGBTQ health initiative at Penn just launched a 5-year partnership with investing group Gaingels

The School of Nursing’s Eidos LGBTQ+ Health Initiative has partnered with Gaingels to leverage academic, intellectual, and research resources across Penn and promote health within queer populations.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

Overdose reversal medication could soon be sold alongside ibuprofen and allergy meds, but cost may still be a barrier

Shoshana Aronowitz of the School of Nursing and the Leonard Davis Institute is quoted on how naloxone’s ability to save someone’s life far outweighs any risks of someone misusing the medication.