State laws are key to HIV prevention efforts

Data show that four of five people who could benefit from PrEP did not access the medication in 2018. A new study from Penn Nursing finds that states with comprehensive nondiscrimination laws for sexual and gender minorities have a higher PrEP-to-need ratio.

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The old rules were dumb anyway

Linda Aiken of the School of Nursing spoke said rules that prevent nurses from working in other states without a new license are out of date. “We have the same technology in every state. Patients are the same. They have the same problems. Everybody has babies everywhere,” she said.


New York Daily News

Study shows NYC hospitals understaffed in weeks before coronavirus

A new study from the School of Nursing found that New York City hospitals were experiencing a nurse staff shortage before the pandemic began.



‘I left the hospital in tears’: Amid the pandemic, new moms aren’t getting the breastfeeding support they need

Diane Spatz of the School of Nursing spoke about the lack of breastfeeding support for first-time moms during the pandemic. “You have a very short window of time to establish lactation,” she said. “Without support to get started a few hours post-delivery, it’s a very quick downward spiral.”



Do COVID-19 patients really have to die alone?

Martha Curley of the School of Nursing spoke about how hospitals can change their visitation policies to allow those dying of COVID-19 to see their family members. “Within a family there may be one or even two people who could understand the significance of being there who could be taught to protect themselves and to go into the room and to be there with the family member,” she said.


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Nurses who have the coronavirus are fighting their employers to get paid time off: 'Nobody really cares about my safety'

Research led by Linda Aiken of the School of Nursing found that limiting nurses to caring for four or fewer patients at a time can lead to lower rates of readmission or death.


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Amid coronavirus, America’s nursing homes have become a national tragedy

Mary Ersek of the School of Nursing and the Perelman School of Medicine writes on COVID-19's effect on nursing homes.