• Words matter: how lyrics help songs top the charts

    Marketing professors discuss the paper “Are Atypical Songs More Popular?”, which reports on a study using natural language processing to analyze the lyrics of hundreds of songs in order to determine whether the lyrics affect a song's popularity. 

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  • Penn Medicine biochemist awarded for research on epigenetic protein modifications

     Benjamin A.Garcia, an expert in quantitative proteomics, was awarded the Biemann Medal by the American Society for Mass Spectrometry for significant achievement in basic or applied mass spectrometry.

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  • Landscape architecture students inform revitalization in the Highlands

    Students of the Master of Landscape Architecture program at PennDesign have chosen four sites in the Highlands, a 1.85 million-acre ecoregion from northwestern Connecticut to eastern Pennsylvania to focus a living landscape design intervention directly. 

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  • Spreading the health

    The  Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation (PTSF) is using the kind of geospatial analysis other industries use to determine future trauma centers, in an effort to analyze the best possible placement to meet trauma patients needs effectively.

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  • From Bach to rock: how music preferences predict behavior

    A study, by Wharton marketing professor Gideon Nave analyzes music preference and personality, and how marketing may use this data for personalized product offerings.

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