College admissions in crisis

Admissions Dean Eric Furda on the Varsity Blues scandal, civil litigation, and rising disgruntlement over the way elite universities select their students.

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Academic ‘boot camp’

A group of 13 active-duty service members and veterans took part in the Warrior-Scholar Project, which introduces enlisted personnel toward an undergraduate program at a top-tier institution with a weeklong academic program.

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More High Schools Offer Free College Admission Testing. But There’s a Catch.

Penn is among colleges not requiring applicants to complete the SAT and ACT essay tests.


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Penn, Princeton, Other Ivies Were Harder to Get Into. Did Higher Scores on the New SAT Convince More Students to Apply?

Admission to Penn continues to be highly competitive with acceptance falling to 8 percent of those who applied for the Class of 2022. And Dean of Admissions Eric Furda said Penn was proud to offer acceptances to underrepresented students, one out of seven of which were the first in their families to attend college.