Talking admissions with Whitney Soule

As vice provost and dean of admissions, Soule is challenged daily with thinking strategically about undergraduate enrollment at Penn—from recruitment to application processes and all that goes into admitting a class, to how financial aid and retention fits into the mix.

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College admissions in crisis

Admissions Dean Eric Furda on the Varsity Blues scandal, civil litigation, and rising disgruntlement over the way elite universities select their students.

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Academic ‘boot camp’

A group of 13 active-duty service members and veterans took part in the Warrior-Scholar Project, which introduces enlisted personnel toward an undergraduate program at a top-tier institution with a weeklong academic program.

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USA Today

Supreme Court weighs affirmative action case, but most college admissions won't be affected

Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule discusses the role and relevance of race in Penn’s “holistic” review process.



What Wharton’s majority female MBA program means for other top-tier B-Schools

The Wharton School is lauded for its majority-female 2023 MBA class, with quotes from Blair Mannix and MBA candidate Andrea Bogarin.



Woman who spent elementary years in Wayne now leads admissions team at University of Pennsylvania

Since becoming vice provost and admissions dean at the University of Pennsylvania a little over a year ago, Whitney Soule, who spent her elementary years in Wayne, has already started making changes in the application process which is one of the most competitive in the country.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Want to get into Penn? Show a little gratitude—on an essay prompt

Penn’s new application essay prompt is highlighted for its focus on gratitude, with quotes from Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule and Angela Duckworth of the School of Arts & Sciences.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Meet Whitney Soule, leader of the team who decides whether you get into Penn

In a Q&A, Whitney Soule discusses her role as dean of admissions, answers questions about the admissions process, and tackles the biggest challenges facing Admissions at Penn today.


Higher Ed Dive

Here’s what happened when 3 colleges, including the University of Pennsylvania, went test optional

Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule reports a 34% boost in applications for Penn’s first year of test-optional admissions, 2020-21, with sustained increases in numbers and application diversity into 2022.