Who, What, Why: Jamie-Lee Josselyn

As associate director for recruitment for the Creative Writing Program, Jamie-Lee Josselyn visits high schools across the country to talk with student writers about opportunities at Penn.

Louisa Shepard

Talking admissions with Whitney Soule

As vice provost and dean of admissions, Soule is challenged daily with thinking strategically about undergraduate enrollment at Penn—from recruitment to application processes and all that goes into admitting a class, to how financial aid and retention fits into the mix.

Lauren Hertzler

College admissions in crisis

Admissions Dean Eric Furda on the Varsity Blues scandal, civil litigation, and rising disgruntlement over the way elite universities select their students.

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The Hechinger Report

Tackling research projects can help students get into top colleges and universities

Between a third and half of admitted Penn students have showcased their research projects in their applications.


Higher Ed Dive

Should colleges use AI in admissions?

Doctoral student Benjamin Lira Luttges of the School of Arts & Sciences explains how human shortcomings foster some of the issues related to artificial intelligence in admissions.


Race-conscious admission: Getting the educational house in order

Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule comments on community partnerships and other initiatives working to help students, especially those who may not have access to external guidance or support, find their way to higher ed.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Colleges should shoulder the burden of SCOTUS admissions ruling, not students, say Philly college advisers

A new free course at Penn, Applying to College 101, will guide students through the college admissions process in the wake of the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ruling, with remarks from Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule.


Inside Higher Ed

Competitive colleges have a great admissions year

Penn reported a record number of more than 59,000 applicants this year, with remarks from Dean Whitney Soule of Admissions on the application’s newly instituted requirement: a written thank-you note to someone.


Boston Globe

Colleges scramble to prepare for possible end of affirmative action

Dean Whitney Soule of Admissions discusses Penn’s free online course for high school students wanting to learn more about post-high school options and the college-admissions process.