Tuskegee-Penn partnership advances Black preservation

Architecture students at Tuskegee University are studying historic preservation through explorations of buildings on and near the historic HBCU campus, in part through a collaboration with the Weitzman School of Design.

From the Weitzman School of Design

Ken Lum on art and controversy

The Marilyn Jordan Taylor Presidential Professor and Chair of Fine Arts at the Weitzman School, who has solo art exhibitions in New York and Ontario, discusses his art and controversy surrounding it.

From the Weitzman School of Design

Engaging teens in the art of design

Through the PennPraxis program Design to Thrive, high schoolers are paired with Penn graduate students to learn the design process, from planning to welding and all parts in between.

Michael Grant

Where biodiversity, climate risk, and urban growth collide

A project led by researchers at The Ian L. McHarg Center for Urbanism and Ecology aims to highlight points of conflict between climate risks, biodiversity, and urban growth in a few of the world’s poorest cities.

From the Weitzman School of Design

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In the News Philly

Artists and Penn PhDs collabed to explore the intersection of art and engineering. Check out their exhibit

In the culminating project of Penn’s Robotics Art Residency, three artists hosted at the Pennovation Center developed collaborative exhibits with Ph.D. students at the GRASP Lab of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Weitzman School of Design.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

With PennDOT studying transit options for Roosevelt Boulevard, a subway is back on the table

In an Op-Ed, doctoral candidate Jay Arzu of the Weitzman School of Design explains why plans for the Roosevelt Boulevard subway in Northeast Philadelphia are back on the table.


Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien

First-time home buyers priced out by high mortgage rates and price points

PIK Professor Lance Freeman discusses the forces that first-time home buyers must fight against when it comes to gentrification.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Here’s what Pennsylvania can learn from a world climate meeting

In an Op-Ed, Cornelia Colijn of the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the Weitzman School of Design discusses her takeaways from COP27 for Pennsylvania’s answers to climate change.


Philadelphia Inquirer

How Philly can stay ahead of the curve in addressing climate change

In an Op-Ed, visiting scholar Mauricio Rodas of Perry World House and Eugénie L. Birch of the Weitzman School of Design offer recommendations that might help Philadelphia mitigate and adapt to extreme heat.



Digging up modernist myths at the Glass House

In an interview, David Hartt of the Weitzman School of Design discusses his artwork revamping and recontextualizing the modernist grounds of Philip Johnson’s Glass House.