Design on display 

For the first time since design became a major two years ago in the College of Arts and Sciences, 15 seniors created an in-person exhibition to showcase their final projects, interpreting the theme “in search of” in a variety of media.

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Places Journal

‘Let all be educated alike up to a certain point’

Sonja Dümpelmann of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design writes about pedagogical legacies that enforced racialized divisions and affect landscape architecture to this day.


Streetsblog USA

Talking Headways Podcast: Megaregions and Our Future

Fritz Steiner and Bob Yaro of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design talk about their new book, “Megaregions and America’s Future.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Speed cameras are saving lives and should stay

Erick Guerra of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design is quoted on the safety outcomes of speed cameras.



Do prisons deserve a second chance?

A fall 2020 semester studio at the Stuart Weitzman School of Design led by Billy Fleming explored ways to transform prisons and correctional facilities in Appalachia and the Mississippi Delta, such as turning the structures into community spaces or solar and wind farms. “There are so many disenfranchised places in the United States sold on the promise of prisons as economic development who’ve seen what a spectacular failure that is,” Fleming said.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Judge ousts absentee owner of historic Mount Vernon Cemetery. Rehab could involve goats

Aaron Wunsch of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design said efforts to rehabilitate historic cemeteries like Mount Vernon in Philadelphia must consider the needs of stakeholders, including neighbors and those with family ties to the site. “These places have always had a public dimension to them,” he said. “But you always have to be aware of what the descendants of people buried there feel about that, too.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

More Philly landlords are selling properties and deferring maintenance, which threatens the supply of affordable housing

Vincent Reina of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design is quoted on the strain which a lot of Philadelphia's housing stock is consistently under.