Who, What, Why: Ara Patvakanian

The fourth-year mathematical economics and political science double-major describes how our understanding of economic and political phenomena can have far-reaching consequences and highlights the importance of embracing different intellectual perspectives.

Kristen de Groot

How guaranteed income affected a New Jersey city

Research from Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice finds a guaranteed income program in Paterson offers both financial relief for many participants and is a blueprint for future policy initiatives.

From the School of Social Policy & Practice

Resolutions for a ‘fresh start’

The latest from the Wharton School’s faculty research podcast, “Ripple Effect,” looks into the business, psychology, and economy of resolutions in its “Fresh Start” episodes.

From Knowledge at Wharton

Wharton experts on holiday retail

The latest episodes of the Wharton School’s faculty research podcast, ‘Ripple Effect,’ delve into consumer trends, past recessions, future climate and AI considerations, luxury, convenience, and customer service this holiday retail season.

From Knowledge at Wharton

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The New York Times

We don’t see what climate change is doing to us

In an Op-Ed, R. Jisung Park of the School of Social Policy & Practice says that public discourse around climate change overlooks the buildup of slow, subtle costs and their impact on human systems.



Here’s what would happen to the US economy if there are no rate cuts this year

Itay Goldstein of the Wharton School says stock market prices still reflect the expectation that the Federal Reserve will cut rates later this year, even with the recent selloff.


The New York Times

Biden’s student loan repayment plan is being challenged. Here’s what to know

Kent Smetters of the Wharton School attributes $235 billion of the cost of the SAVE loan repayment plan to its increased generosity relative to existing plans.


Inside Higher Ed

Report: Biden’s new debt relief plan estimated to cost $84 billion

According to economists at the Penn Wharton Budget Model, President Biden’s new plan to forgive some or all student loans for 26 million Americans would cost about $84 billion over 10 years.



Can money buy you happiness? Yes, it can. However…

Research by Matthew Killingsworth of the Wharton School reveals there is no monetary threshold at which money's capacity to improve well-being diminishes.



More high schools are requiring financial-literacy classes. The pandemic may have played a key role

In a co-authored journal article, Olivia Mitchell of the Wharton School explains when financial education is at its most effective.