Emergency Medicine

Delayed emergencies in COVID times

A new study shows how often people put off non-COVID emergency care during the pandemic, who stayed home, and what kind of care they deferred.

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A historic nursing strike in Minnesota shows the cracks in the healthcare system are widening

Karen Lasater of the School of Nursing says that most hospitals try to subsist on thin margins of staffing, which for nurses results in worse results for patients and eroded trust in their employers.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Top five leadership lessons I’ve learned from our dog

Patrick Connolly of the Perelman School of Medicine writes about the leadership lessons he’s internalized and incorporated into neurosurgery thanks to his dog Buddy.


NBC News

Travel nurses’ gold rush is over. Now, some are joining other nurses in leaving the profession altogether

Linda Aiken of the School of Nursing says that each patient added to a hospital nurse’s workload is associated with a 7%-12% increase in hospital mortality.



Delaware teacher beats COVID-19 after year long fight, heads back to classroom

Joshua Diamond and Jaclyn Golato of Penn Medicine and colleagues are credited by Delaware teacher Bri Iacona for helping her survive a year-long battle with severe COVID-19, culminating in heart surgery and a double lung transplant.


Philadelphia Inquirer

More than two years into the pandemic, hospital care still may not save you from dying of COVID-19

Lewis J. Kaplan of the Perelman School of Medicine says that improvements in outpatient therapy have prompted some hospitals to only admit very ill COVID patients.


AP News

Does health care law protect emergency abortion?

Allison Hoffman of Penn Carey Law says that the federal emergency-care law trumps state law, but notes that it’s difficult to predict the outcome when such a case reaches the Supreme Court.