Aging and the costs that come with it

As a high school student, junior Darcey Hookway spent time volunteering on a dementia ward at a local hospital. “The social aspect of their condition really struck me,” says Hookway, who is from London. “They struggled immensely with social isolation. And now with COVID exacerbating that more than ever, I think that’s a huge detriment to their health.”

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Understanding infrastructure

In the second episode of Penn Today’s “Understand This ...” podcast series, emphasizing interdisciplinary perspectives, a Wharton and Weitzman School discuss the past, present, and future of infrastructure.

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Improv with an impact

With their President’s Engagement Prize, Wharton School seniors Philip Chen and Meera Menon plan to create The Unscripted Project, a nonprofit that will run 10-week improv courses in Philadelphia public schools, partnering with the Philly Improv Theater.

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When cash is tight, should you borrow from retirement?

While millions of Americans find themselves strapped for cash with reduced work or lost jobs, tapping retirement savings is fraught with risks that need careful consideration, according to experts at Wharton.

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CFPB rolls back restrictions on payday lenders

Lisa Servon of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design spoke about the hazards of short-term, high-interest loans, which people of color, single parents, and low-income people are most likely to rely upon. “The situation that you want to avoid is people that are getting in over their head and going into this cycle in which they’re taking out a loan, not paying it back, paying the fee again for the second loan, and again and again, until they’re paying back way more than they borrowed,” Servon said.


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Credit Suisse review of funds prompted by SoftBank’s multiple roles

David Erickson of the Wharton School said finance companies should disclose conflicts of interest to their investors.


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Should you tap retirement funds in a crisis? Increasingly, people say yes

Research by Olivia Mitchell of the Wharton School found that approximately 10% of people who borrow from their 401(k) plans default on the loans.



How AI is expanding the applications of robot advisory

Jill Fisch of the Law School commented on the use of algorithms in investing. “Robo advisors are a potential solution to the complexities of financial decision making,” she said.