Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Alice Paul and the ERA

After almost a hundred years, the Equal Rights Amendment may finally be ratified as an amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex. Mary Frances Berry, Kathleen M. Brown and Maria Murphy discuss what ratification could mean.

Kristina García

Seeing life through their eyes

Through the voices and stories of seven men, a feature-length documentary co-produced and directed by Annenberg Dean John L. Jackson Jr. and graduate student Nora Gross illustrates what it means to be black and gay in the south.

Michele W. Berger

Paid family leave: What’s the right model?

With companies exploring gender biases in the workplace, the issue of parental leave highlights gender inequality and brings all parents into the fold when analyzing family leave policies.

Penn Today Staff

How gender and racial biases are hurting economics

Following a survey released this month by the American Economic Association that reveals a disturbingly high level of gender bias in the field, Wharton’s Olivia S. Mitchell discusses the effects of gender and racial biases in the field of economics.

Penn Today Staff

Making a movement from #MeToo

At Perry World House Monday, activists from around the world talked about how they’re working to make sure the stories of women and girls are told—and heard.

Gwyneth K. Shaw

Black feminism 101

Author and alum Feminista Jones joined Tanji Gilliam of Africana Studies in a discussion of her new book “Reclaiming Our Space,” examining how Twitter and modern liberation movements are all borne from black women’s words, struggle, and history.

Tina Rodia

Reclaiming socialism

Kristen R. Ghodsee has been intrigued by the former Eastern bloc since she was in high school. Now, her research is reaching a new audience in a provocative book.

Gwyneth K. Shaw

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The New York Times

The New Vanguard

This selection of 15 contemporary novels by and about women includes Her Body and Other Parties, a collection of short stories by Carmen Maria Machado, writer-in-residence at Penn.


Times Higher Education

Female Leadership Moves Backwards in World’s Top Universities

Amy Gutmann is cited as one of the women who leads a major international institution of higher education.