Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

A summer optimizing obstetrics health care

Second-year student Antoilyn Nguyen spent their summer as a researcher analyzing labor and delivery charts as part of a long-term cohort study to standardize labor induction for better and more equitable results.

Tina Rodia

Possessed: The Salem witch trials

This spring marks the 330th anniversary of the Salem witch trials, during which a total of 20 “afflicted girls” accused around 150 people, 19 of whom were executed. Historian Kathleen M. Brown discusses why this episode is still fascinating today.

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Chicago Tribune

Review: ‘The First Homosexuals’ at Wrightwood 659 captures the emergence of a ‘new identity’

A review examines “The First Homosexuals,” an exhibition curated by Jonathan D. Katz of the School of Arts & Sciences and colleagues including Pavel Golubev, a visiting scholar taking refuge at Penn.


Times Higher Education

Europe is ahead of the U.S. on gender equity. So why is abuse in HE rife?

In an opinion piece, Susan B. Sorenson of the School of Social Policy & Practice contrasts Europe’s pronounced efforts to reduce gender inequality with recent studies which find alarming rates of gender-based violence in European universities.


The Washington Post

What Iran’s protest slogans tell us about the uprising

Fatemeh Shams of the School of Arts & Sciences says that Iranian protest chants have shifted emphasis from male political figures and systemic reform to teenaged female martyrs and rejection of any form of autocratic rule.


ABC News

Weinstein, Masterson trials highlight the uphill battle to address sexual violence

Melissa Sanchez of the School of Arts & Sciences says that prosecutors should try Weinstein with many cases in many jurisdictions to reinforce the scope and scale of his actions.


Physics Today

STEM scholars worldwide express solidarity with Iranian protesters

Fatemeh Shams of the School of Arts & Sciences says that the core of the Iranian revolutionary movement is the bodily autonomy of women.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Is this painting of a fox one of the greatest works of American art?

Jonathan Katz of the School of Arts & Sciences explains why he’s excited about Harriet Hosmer’s marble sculpture, Puck on a Toadstool, featured at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.