Global Outreach

‘Communities for Childbirth’ in action

President Engagement Prize winner and  fourth-year Seungwon ‘Lucy’ Lee is creating a coordinated referral system of first responders, emergency dispatchers, and systemized hospital networks to improve emergency maternal health care in Uganda.

Kristina García

A new role for NATO in conflict zones

One year after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, PIK Professor Lynn Meskell calls on the alliance to take a more expansive view of cultural property protection.

From the Weitzman School of Design

In the News

USA Today

False claim WEF called for consumption of human waste to fight climate change

Scott Moore of Global Initiatives says the World Economic Forum, as a nongovernmental organization, has no legal status to exercise the functions of sovereign states.


Hindustan Times (Delhi)

University of Pennsylvania celebrates 25 years of its India institute

Emily Hannum of the School of Arts & Sciences says that the University of Pennsylvania Institute for the Advanced Study of India has served as a tremendous resource for scholars looking to globally connect and engage with India.


Ghana News Agency

Law firm engages women on domestic violence

A visiting student delegation from Penn Carey Law helped engage Ghanese women in a community legal outreach training program on domestic violence and women empowerment.


CBS Philadelphia

UPenn doctor traveled overseas to help Syria, Turkey with deadly earthquake

Nahreen Ahmed of the Perelman School of Medicine spent 10 days helping victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.


KYW Newsradio (Philadelphia)

Penn doctor shares experiences on the ground in earthquake-ravaged Turkey, Syria

Nareen Ahmed of the Perelman School of Medicine describes her experience training doctors and providing humanitarian aid in the earthquake-stricken regions of Turkey and Syria.