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Why unions matter for nursing

A new study examines nursing’s relationship to union organizing and feminism, as well as the profession’s unique organizing challenges.

Alina Ladyzhensky

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Philadelphia Inquirer

Mixed-status immigrant families have complex health insurance needs that require simple solutions

Diana Montoya-Williams of the Perelman School of Medicine wrote an opinion piece about the intersection of health insurance and immigration status. “Expanding insurance coverage to all children who live in our state—regardless of documentation status—would decrease confusion among mixed-status families, reduce administrative burden and costs associated with the verification of different eligibility requirements within families, and save public health dollars,” she said.


N.J. kids on Medicaid deserve equal access to specialty care

Alycia Bischof of the School of Nursing advocated for a New Jersey bill that, if signed into law, would allow Medicaid patients to access specialty care without having to travel more than 60 minutes or file an appeal for out-of-network coverage.


The New York Times

Pandemic relief bill fulfills Biden’s promise to expand Obamacare, for two years

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel spoke about provisions within the coronavirus relief bill that expand subsidies for health insurance purchased under the Affordable Care Act. “For people that are eligible but not buying insurance it’s a financial issue, and so upping the subsidies is going to make the price point come down,” he said.



Opinion: Would you want your parents to live in a nursing home owned by private equity?

Atul Gupta of the Wharton School co-led a study that explored how private equity investments affect nursing home patients. It revealed a 10% increase in mortality for Medicare patients in such facilities.


The New York Times

Pandemic lessons in improving the medical system

Amol Navathe of the Perelman School of Medicine spoke about the high cost of health care in the U.S. “Our system is set up to produce a lot of health care but not necessarily a lot of health,” he said.


The Hill

How the pandemic is changing medicine

PIK Professor Jonathan D. Moreno and the Law School’s Stephen N. Xenakis wrote that the pandemic could change many countries’ approaches to public health. “The battle against the virus presents an opportunity to recalibrate our health care system as well as advance our practices,” they wrote.