Evoking an ancient world

The medieval English epic poem “Beowulf” is brought to life in a musical performance by Benjamin Bagby and academic discussion through a partnership among the Penn Live Arts, the Libraries, and the School of Arts & Sciences. 

Louisa Shepard

ModPo celebrates its first decade

Modern and Contemporary Poetry was founded by Al Filreis of the School of Arts & Sciences at Kelly Writers House in 2012, and now has 69,000 people enrolled globally. Poets and participants came to campus to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

Louisa Shepard

The future of decline in America

In his new book “The Future of Decline: Anglo-American Culture at its Limits,” English Professor Jed Esty offers alternatives to America’s “language of greatness,” taking lessons from the experience of Britain during the past century.

Louisa Shepard

On book bans and free speech

Sigal Ben-Porath of the Graduate School of Education says book bans and challenges affect free speech and expression, especially for young people, and that institutions of higher education are important for developing tools based on evidence for assessment.

Louisa Shepard

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The New York Review of Books

Trees in themselves

“Elderflora: A Modern History of Ancient Trees,” a new book by Jared Farmer of the School of Arts & Sciences, is reviewed.



Stressed by work? You can tap your own resilience

Martin Seligman of the School of Arts & Sciences discusses his new co-authored book, “TOMORROWMIND,” which shows how people can meet future challenges while thriving in the workplace.


The New Yorker

Fifty years of “Learning from Las Vegas”

A profile examines the architectural novel “Learning from Las Vegas” co-written by Denise Scott Brown, formerly of the Weitzman School of Design.


The Wall Street Journal

Who read what in 2022

Dean Erika James of the Wharton School shares her most memorable reading list from 2022.


PBS NewsHour

Mother and son who are both poet laureates work to inspire others

A profile examines the poetic accolades of College of Arts and Sciences fourth-year Wes Matthews and his mother Airea D. Matthews, including their involvement with Kelly Writers House.


The New York Times

A writer’s post and its consequences divide Latin American literary circles

Sigal Ben-Porath of the Graduate School of Education says that the vehemence of discourse on transgender issues makes sense given the hate speech and misapprehensions previously faced by trans people.