‘PoemTalk’ podcast at 200 episodes

The 200th episode of the pioneering poetry podcast “PoemTalk” was recorded at the Kelly Writers House last week, 16 years after the first. Founder Al Filreis (left) of the School of Arts & Sciences is the creator and host of the discussion-based monthly podcast that features a “close, but not too close” reading of a poem.

Louisa Shepard

Marking a monumental death

In honor of the first anniversary of the killing of Mahsa (Jîna) Amini in Iran and the subsequent outpouring of protest, Penn will host a two-day conference on violence against women.

Kristen de Groot

Cultures of the book

In the Cultures of the Book course taught by Whitney Trettien, assistant professor of English, students “adopt a book” they select from the Penn Libraries collection, and their research projects are published on an academic website. 

Louisa Shepard

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The Iliad: How modern readers get this epic wrong

In a Q&A, Emily Wilson of the School of Arts & Sciences discusses what the Iliad can tell us about modern society, from masculinity to environmentalism.


The New York Times

Warriors who seek immortal fame and find it, in epic poetry 

A book review of the School of Arts & Sciences’ Emily Wilson’s translation of the “Iliad” says she brings Homer’s great war story to rousing new life.


Scientific American

What’s the world’s oldest language?

Deven Patel of the School of Arts & Sciences believes that Sanskrit is the oldest continuous language tradition, which means that it’s still producing literature and being spoken.


Philadelphia Sunday Sun

‘Be Holding’ dives into Black genius and joy

“Be Holding,” a poetry performance that seeks to heal grieving Black families, was directed by Brooke O’Harra and composed by Tyshawn Sorey, both of the School of Arts & Sciences.


Philadelphia Inquirer

The life and work of acclaimed Black children’s author and illustrator Ashley Bryan is honored in a new Penn exhibit

Lynne Farrington of the Kislack Center comments on a new Penn Libraries exhibit celebrating the late Black children’s author and illustrator Ashley Bryan.


The New York Review of Books

Trees in themselves

“Elderflora: A Modern History of Ancient Trees,” a new book by Jared Farmer of the School of Arts & Sciences, is reviewed.