Welcoming the first babies from Penn Fertility in Lancaster

The Penn Fertility Care practice is the first and only fertility clinic in Lancaster County that has an embryology lab, allowing patients outside of the Philadelphia metro area equal access to the full range of Penn Fertility services and treatments.

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Helping Black families to grow and thrive

To reverse the nationwide trend of serious harm and death before, during, and after childbirth for Black and other parents from marginalized groups, Penn Medicine is taking bold action to improve maternal health and eliminate racial disparities.

Christina Hernandez Sherwood for Penn Medicine Magazine

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Philadelphia Inquirer

Can texting new parents to report their blood pressure help address maternal mortality? Penn thinks so

The Heart Safe Motherhood program, created by Sindu Srinivas and Adi Hirshberg of the Perelman School of Medicine, helps new mothers follow up on high blood pressure screenings with text reports rather than in-person visits.


The Washington Post

Tua the endangered orangutan gives birth to a baby at Philadelphia Zoo

A Penn Medicine obstetrician partnered with a team at the Philadelphia Zoo to help a critically endangered orangutan give birth.


Daily Mail (U.K.)

Florida’s new law will let women have C-sections outside of hospitals, but doctors warn of deadly complications

Alice Abernathy of the Perelman School of Medicine says that Florida’s new birthing centers represent a bad band-aid on a chronic issue that will make outcomes worse rather than better.


NBC News

Florida to allow doctors to perform C-sections outside hospitals

Alice Abernathy of the Perelman School of Medicine says that Florida’s “advanced birth centers” are a poor substitute for quality obstetrical care, though they’re being billed as something that gives people more choices.



Meet the women who pioneered the development of IVF

Wanda Ronner of the Perelman School of Medicine explores the history of the women scientists who played a crucial role in the development of IVF.



Chester County mom, ovarian cancer survivor has miracle baby through surrogate

A Chester County woman and ovarian cancer survivor welcomed a new baby thanks to the help of a surrogate, with remarks from Clarisa Gracia of Penn Medicine.