Political Science

A history of U.S.-Iran relations

John Ghazvinian, interim director of the Middle East Center and an expert on Iran/U.S. relations, talks about the countries’ historical relationship and what led to the current situation.

Kristen de Groot

Brendan O’Leary: Whatever you say, say everything

The political science professor’s career, from aiding in the negotiating of peace in Northern Ireland to advising the Prime Minister of Kurdistan, has been guided by a simple principle: Say exactly what you mean.

Penn Today Staff

Iranian commander killed—five things to know

A United States drone struck and killed a powerful Iranian military commander at an Iraqi airport, bringing vows of retribution from Iran and threatening to plunge the region into chaos. An expert on Iran shares her thoughts on the attack.

Kristen de Groot

Five things to know about the British election

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won a decisive victory in last week’s general election. Political scientist Brendan O’Leary, an expert on U.K. politics, tells Penn Today his five main takeaways from the election results.

Kristen de Groot

New leadership at Fels Institute

The 82-year-old Fels Institute of Government’s signature Public Policy in Practice workshops continues the legacy of providing students with a practical program in public administration.

Kristen de Groot

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WNYC Radio (New York City)

What Exactly Is Ben Carson Up to at HUD?

Vincent Reina of the School of Design discussed his experience working for HUD in 2002-2004 and the current state of affairs in the department. (Audio)


Philadelphia Inquirer

When Schools Support Gun-control Protests, Are They Silencing Students With Alternative Points of View?

Jonathan Zimmerman of the Graduate School of Education wrote about his concerns over challenges to free debate in the classroom surrounding gun control.