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Out of the classroom and into the newsroom

Student fellows in the Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies put their data-analysis skills and political know-how to use in creating user-friendly visualizations and enhancing traditional reporting practices.

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San Francisco Chronicle

She had multiple abortions as a child. Her abuser didn’t expect what came later

Marci Hamilton of the School of Arts & Sciences says that pregnant children are much more likely to die, be uneducated, or get stuck in a situation that negatively affects their health due to post-Roe abortion restrictions.


E&E News

Legal war brews over EPA power plant rule

Cary Coglianese of Penn Carey Law says that economic competition from natural gas has contributed much more significantly to the coal industry’s decline than EPA regulation.


Chronicle of Higher Education

Florida lawmakers want oversight of invited speakers on public-college campuses

Sigal Ben-Porath of the Graduate School of Education says that Florida’s government is trying to impose perspectives on higher-education institutions and undermine their autonomy, which should be a concern to anyone who cares about quality education.


The New York Times

When their idea of liberty is your idea of death

Rogers M. Smith of the School of Arts & Sciences explains how Joseph Biden, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis have characterized their definitions of freedom.


The Wall Street Journal

The Supreme Court case that could threaten the SEC’s climate-disclosure rule

Cary Coglianese of Penn Carey Law explains why the Chevron doctrine has been one of the most cited legal cases of all time.



Tucker Carlson is out at Fox. What happened?

Brian Rosenwald of the School of Arts & Sciences discusses what Tucker Carlson’s departure means for the future of conservative media and the Republican Party.