Political Science

Locked down: Global mobility and COVID-19

At Perry World House’s 2021 Global Shifts Colloquium, Filippo Grandi, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, addressed how limits on human movement during the pandemic have affected refugees and asylum seekers.

Kristen de Groot

Penn senior chosen as Gaither Junior Fellow

Senior Samuel Orloff has been named a James C. Gaither Junior Fellow, chosen for a one-year fellowship at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, D.C.to work on research pertaining to U.S. foreign policy and diplomacy.

Louisa Shepard

‘Alone Again in Fukushima’

On the 10th anniversary of the triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear facility destruction, a film and discussion hosted by the Center for East Asian Studies looked at the calamity’s reverberations.

Kristen de Groot

The future of conservatism

A top GOP pollster, a former White House aide and Penn grad, and a leading “Never Trumper” journalist share their thoughts on where the Republican Party goes from here.

Kristen de Groot

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Philadelphia Inquirer

I’m a doctor who examines asylum seekers. I want Biden to fix the asylum system

Jules Lipoff of the Perelman School of Medicine argued for reforming and expanding the U.S. asylum system. “We must renew the United States as a bold world leader in standing for the dignity of human rights,” he wrote.


The Washington Post

Corporate America isn’t welcoming former Trump cabinet officials with open arms, headhunters say

Michael Useem of the Wharton School said it would be “extremely difficult” for Trump administration officials to attain high-paying advisory roles at well-known companies at the current time. For the companies, “the downside risk far outweighs any upside gain,” he said.


Associated Press

Amid growing challenges, Biden to hold 1st news conference

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center spoke about President Biden’s upcoming press conference. “The press conference serves an important purpose: It presents the press an extended opportunity to hold a leader accountable for decisions,” she said.


Al Jazeera

U.S. Republicans hit Biden on immigration amid new border surge

Michael Jones-Correa of the School of Arts & Sciences spoke about the Biden administration’s handling of unaccompanied minors seeking asylum at the U.S. border. “It’s a tricky situation for them politically,” said Jones-Correa. “Given the history of children in cages during the Trump administration, the Biden administration clearly doesn’t want to repeat that.”


The Guardian

Rightwing group nearly forced Wisconsin to purge thousands of eligible voters

Marc Meredith of the School of Arts & Sciences said postcards are an insufficient way of confirming voter addresses. “It highlights the challenges in doing [voter roll] maintenance when people have unstable addresses,” he said.


The Atlantic

Texas’s disaster is over. The fallout is just beginning

Dan Hopkins of the School of Arts & Sciences spoke about how Texas’ energy crisis might impact the state’s politics. “If you ask who is going to win the governor’s race in 2022, my answer is going to be the Republican,” he said. “But events like this can inject uncertainty.”