Public Policy

Beyond America’s racial fault line

Professor of practice Ben Jealous discussed race, politics, America’s long history of interracial collaboration, and his new book with Camille Z. Charles during a co-sponsored event at Kelly Writers House.

Kristina García

Bail reform and public safety

A Quattrone Center study has found that misdemeanor bail reforms in Harris County, Texas have had a positive impact on public safety.

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Suicide rates start spiking in spring, this is why and how to get help

Dan Romer of the Annenberg Public Policy Center explains how misinformation about the “holiday blues” leading to increased rates of suicide can cause damage.


WCVB (Boston)

Who’s to blame for Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank failures?

Eugene Kiely of the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s discusses the causes behind the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.



Why so many experts consider annuities a win for retirees

Olivia Mitchell of the Wharton School says that people are generally uncertain of the value of annuities and reluctant to spend a large sum of money on the chance that they’ll have a longer lifespan.


The Wall Street Journal

What do we actually know about COVID-19? Not enough

A January survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center suggests that more than half of people have returned to pre-pandemic life.


ABC News

Records in Fox defamation case show pressures on reporters

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center says that it would be useful for Fox News to make a clear statement that the news division has complete and total autonomy from the rest of Fox.



Civic education is having a moment. This is what that means

The 2022 Constitution Day Survey from the Annenberg Public Policy Center found that fewer than half of Americans could name all three branches of government.