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The making of tomorrow’s voters

There were only 11 days left in Philadelphia’s contentious mayoral race. The entire Philadelphia media scrum had descended on a small classroom at Olney High School.

Elaine Wilner

New Leadership and a New Affiliation for Penn's Fels Center of Government

PHILADELPHIA - Samuel H. Preston, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, has named leading criminologist Lawrence W. Sherman as the new Director of the Fels Center of Government. Sherman will also be appointed the Albert M. Greenfield Professor of Human Relations in the Department of Sociology.

Elaine Wilner

Seeing, hearing, and encountering post-apartheid South Africa

A Penn Global Seminar course taught by Carol Muller took the 16 undergraduates to South Africa to explore that nation's history and post-apartheid present day through music and culture. The students demonstrated the impact of the journey through final projects including a painting, a written paper, a poem, a film, a photo essay, a musical score—even a set of political cartoons.

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Leading neurocriminologist considers Joker “a great educational tool”

PIK Professor Adrian Raine discusses the new film “Joker” and how it might be used to teach criminology. “It’s really hard to get a true-life story that fits all of these pieces together, let alone a very dramatic and stylized movie that illustrates these factors quite strongly,” he said. “That was really a revelation.”



Lalo Alcaraz, a cultural consultant for the Oscar-winning ‘Coco,’ helps Disney and Nickelodeon avoid lazy stereotypes

Américo Mendoza-Mori of the School of Arts and Sciences consulted for Paramount Pictures on the script for “Dora and the Lost City of Gold.”


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Laser-scanning tech uncovers huge network of ancient Mayan farms

Emily Hammer of the School of Arts and Sciences commented on research that used lasers to unveil a network of ancient Mayan farms. “This important study and others like it are demonstrating that large-scale ancient modification of land surfaces in tropical zones across the world likely contributed to the early beginnings of a period in which humans became a significant transformative force in the Earth system,” she said.



Trump can’t rely on cable news running his rallies in full anymore

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center said that coverage of President Trump’s political rallies on cable news is “the equivalent of paid advertising” for his reelection campaign.


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Food, clothes, utilities: How people are using their cash from the country’s biggest basic income pilot

Amy Castro Baker of the School of Social Policy & Practice has released new data on how recipients of a monthly $500 stipend used their funds. Approximately 40% of purchases went to food, 25% went to home goods, and 12% went to utilities.