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The making of tomorrow’s voters

There were only 11 days left in Philadelphia’s contentious mayoral race. The entire Philadelphia media scrum had descended on a small classroom at Olney High School.

Elaine Wilner

New Leadership and a New Affiliation for Penn's Fels Center of Government

PHILADELPHIA - Samuel H. Preston, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, has named leading criminologist Lawrence W. Sherman as the new Director of the Fels Center of Government. Sherman will also be appointed the Albert M. Greenfield Professor of Human Relations in the Department of Sociology.

Elaine Wilner

And the Oscar goes to…

Excellent writing is evident in many of the films nominated for Academy Awards this year, with several edgy alternative films sharing major categories with mainstream blockbusters, says Penn’s Timothy Corrigan, a professor of English and cinema and media studies.

Louisa Shepard

Two Penn juniors named Truman Scholars

Two juniors, Annah Chollet and Camilo Duran, have received Harry S. Truman Scholarships, a merit-based award of as much as $30,000 for graduate or professional school to prepare for careers in public service.

Louisa Shepard , Aaron Olson

In the News

Calling it: Brian Rosenwald

Brian Rosenwald of the School of Arts & Sciences was interviewed about how November’s election might play out. “They’re going to try to get people to think that there’s something wrong because we don’t have results, that anything that comes in after Election Day is somehow tainted. That’s going to be the big argument,” he said.



Why Joe Biden should trade his buildings plan for a Green New Deal

Billy Fleming of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design spoke about Joseph Biden’s plans to weatherize American homes. “I can’t help but oscillate between despair and frustration with the lack of imagination and ambition in this plan,” said Fleming. “Sure, take care of the low-hanging fruit that Presidents Clinton and Obama left for you on climate. Then, for all our sakes, think about extending your grasp an inch or two higher.”


Chronicle of Higher Education

What’s at stake for higher ed in the election?

Mitchell Orenstein of the School of Arts & Sciences called on colleges and universities to take a strong role in defending democracy. “Academic freedom can only exist in a society that protects political freedom,” he said.


NBC News

Early voting begins in Georgia with long lines, high turnout

Research by Stephen Pettigrew of the School of Arts & Sciences found that nonwhite voters were seven times more likely than white voters to wait in line for more than an hour to vote. “Waiting in a line makes you less likely to turn out in subsequent elections,” he said.


Philadelphia Inquirer

When should we mind our business right now? Here’s how to decide

Sukaina Hirji of the School of Arts & Sciences offered advice about when to intervene in a variety of scenarios. “Sometimes you have to speak up. Sometimes you have to stay in your lane. There is no easy answer,” she said.