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Penn Reviews Climate Action Plan Impact Two Years Out

PHILADELPHIA –- As the threat of global climate change spurred the University of Pennsylvania to reduce its carbon footprint, Penn developed a Climate Action Plan that outlines specific goals and strategies for conserving energy, minimizing waste, reducing emissions, building greener and educating the campus community about living greener.

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Penn Concludes Annual MLK Symposium

The University of Pennsylvania’s African-American Resource Center personnel coordinated with organizations all over campus to create a symposium of social justice-oriented events lasting nearly a month.  Now, they’re wrapping up this year’s Martin Luther King Jr.

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Penn Launches Center for the Study of Contemporary China

PHILADELPHIA -- University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann, Provost Vincent Price and Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Rebecca Bushnell are pleased to announce the launch of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China.  Housed in the

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Penn-based Report Reflects Rise of Think Tanks in Underrepresented Regions of the World

PHILADELPHIA –- Launched in 2006, the University of Pennsylvania’s “Global Go-To Think Tank Rankings” annual report has become an authoritative source for the top public policy research institutes in the world.  James McGann, assistant director of Penn’s International Relations Program, directs the Think Tanks and

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AI is reshaping the way we buy, sell and value homes

Christopher Geczy of the Wharton School was interviewed about digital advancements in real estate. “The advent of computer technology, especially with respect to artificial intelligence—computer vision—is that it can compare what it sees to hundreds of thousands of other examples for reference points,” he said. “The scale of the intelligence can potentially add where humans can potentially lack.”


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Mars drops Uncle Ben’s, reveals new name for rice brand

Americus Reed II of the Wharton School spoke about the recent Uncle Ben’s rice rebrand and efforts to redefine who “Ben” is. “You don’t want to step in it twice,” Reed said. “I think what you might see is a very watered-down, safe creativity. Let’s not step on anyone’s toes. You’ll see that for a while.”



Ginsberg’s death injects new doubt into fate of Obamacare

Dean Theodore Ruger of the Law School said of efforts to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, “Whoever wins the presidential election will have much more to say about the success or failure of the act than the court. If it’s Trump, there are many administrative ways he could stifle it.”


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Ruth Bader Ginsburg made the impossible look easy

Serena Mayeri of the Law School wrote an op-ed about the life and accomplishments of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “To honor Justice Ginsburg’s legacy, we, too, must accomplish what may seem impossible, so that others might enjoy the world of possibilities she made,” Mayeri said.


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50 years of blaming Milton Friedman. Here’s another idea

Research by Tyler Wry of the Wharton School found that companies that signed a revised Business Roundtable statement about corporations’ obligations to employees and the broader world were more likely than other big companies to lay off staff in the early months on the pandemic.