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Wharton | San Francisco Breaks Ground on New, Expanded Facility

SAN FRANCISCO-- The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania announced today that its Wharton | San Francisco campus will relocate to the historic Hills Plaza building on the San Francisco Embarcadero in January 2012, with const

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theCoursebook takes top prize in GSE business plan competition

Alexandre Scialom, a 32-year-old native of Fouju, France, and creator of theCourseBook, took top honors and won a total of $50,000 in prize money in this year’s Milken-Penn Graduate School of Education Business Plan Competition, the only business plan competition solely focused on improving education.

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Elizabeth Warren’s evolution on race brought her here

Stephen Burbank of the Law School spoke about Elizabeth Warren’s research on systemic inequality. “I believe that finding out what was happening to people, including minorities, was very, very influential in the development of all sorts of her views and policy positions,” he said.


The Wall Street Journal

COVID-19 shuttered more than 1 million small businesses. Here is how five survived

Jacqueline Kirtley of the Wharton School said businesses are making changes in order to survive the pandemic. What they do after this crisis ends “will tell us whether they pivoted or just fought the fire and survived,” she said.


Tax health insurance coverage to make it more affordable? That’s Greek to me

Mark V. Pauly of the Wharton School commented on a New Jersey proposal to impose a 2.5% tax on health insurance. “They want to tax insurance for middle-class people to subsidize it for low-income people? It would be much fairer to tax the income of higher income people than to tax their insurance, since spending on insurance does not grow that rapidly with income,” he said.



This will determine Tesla's growth over the next decade

Rahul Kapoor of the Wharton School writes about how Tesla can retain its transformative role in the automotive industry. “Tesla can extend its lead by continuing to push the envelope as a technology leader. While its advantage in battery technology is likely to be constrained by laws of chemistry, its efforts toward fully autonomous cars may help sustain its technology leadership,” he wrote.


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If the Fed’s nominees were confirmed, could they change monetary policy?

Peter Conti-Brown of the Wharton School said every appointment to the Federal Reserve is significant. “Each governor and each reserve bank president gets, with the appointment, a bully pulpit,” he said. “And what that governor or president does with that pulpit can matter significantly.”