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It's A Small World After All: NanoDay 2007 @ Penn

WHO: Faculty from the Nano/Bio Interface Center of the University of Pennsylvania sponsor a day of nanotechnology education and outreach for the Penn community, as well as regional high schools and neighbors.  

Jordan Reese

Statement on Citibank Loan Program

The University of Pennsylvania has agreed to modify one of its student loan programs, which is offered by Citibank, in response to a recent inquiry made to the University by the New York Attorney General. Penn will reimburse all participants who borrowed from the Penn CitiAssist program for fees paid by Citibank to the University.

Grand Opening Planned Dec. 5 for 'The Hub,' Mixed-Use Building at 40th and Chestnut Streets

WHAT:  A grand opening event, celebrating the completion of The Hub, a nine-story, 100-unit residential-retail complex at 40th and Chestnut streets in University City, constructed by Teres Holdings, LLC, of PhiladelphiaWHERE:  The second floor of The Hub, 3935 Chestnut St., PhiladelphiaWHEN:  5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 5WHO:  Featured speakers will include:

Julie McWilliams

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Life-or-death hospital decisions come with threat of lawsuits

Allison Hoffman of the Law School said hospitals should apply consistent standards when triaging patients and rationing resources in order to avoid legal troubles down the line. Health care providers are “trying to look at what is reasonable and customary in uncharted territory,” she said.


Chronicle of Higher Education

The bailout is just the start: Why higher ed needs to build a sustainable model

Robert Zemsky of the Graduate School of Education said that “dislodging events,” such as COVID-19, can force needed changes in education.



Man who called Dow 20,000 at end of 2015 says these are the 4 steps needed for a bona fide stock-market recovery

Jeremy Siegel of the Wharton School said the stock market may have hit its bottom last week. Indicators of recovery include fiscal stimulus, flattening the curve, vaccine developments, and deadlines for economic normalcy.



Delivery drivers face pandemic without sick pay, insurance, sanitizer

Matthew Bidwell of the Wharton School spoke about the pandemic-related changes to working conditions for contract employees. “It’s very sad because three weeks ago we were in a historically tight labor market,” he said. “It was forcing employers for the first time in a long time to offer more perks and more benefits. They no longer have that pressure.”


The Washington Post

The GAO told the government in 2015 to develop a plan to protect the aviation system against an outbreak. It never happened

Howard Kunreuther of the Wharton School said good leadership is critical in preparing government agencies for catastrophic events. “You cannot deal with this at the level of just saying let each agency operate,” he said. “You need to have some way to bring them together and to indicate that this is a problem, which cannot be solved by one agency alone. That is something that leadership is going to have to suggest—‘This is the way to do it’—and we don’t have that right now.”