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Grand Opening Planned Dec. 5 for 'The Hub,' Mixed-Use Building at 40th and Chestnut Streets

WHAT:  A grand opening event, celebrating the completion of The Hub, a nine-story, 100-unit residential-retail complex at 40th and Chestnut streets in University City, constructed by Teres Holdings, LLC, of PhiladelphiaWHERE:  The second floor of The Hub, 3935 Chestnut St., PhiladelphiaWHEN:  5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 5WHO:  Featured speakers will include:

Julie McWilliams

How undisclosed SEC investigations lead to insider trading

Should companies go public sooner about the fact that the SEC is investigating them? Daniel Taylor, a professor of accounting at Wharton, investigated this question in a research paper titled, “Undisclosed SEC Investigations,” which considers whether insiders gain an unfair advantage in being able to sell shares before the information hits the market.

Penn Today Staff

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Gas tax holidays: Do they really save drivers money at the pump?

A study by the Penn Wharton Budget Model finds that consumers benefit more than oil producers and gas stations from suspended state gas taxes.


The Washington Post

Minimum wages are going up. Jobs may disappear

A labor market model co-authored by Thomas Winberry of the Wharton School shows that raising the minimum wage has little to no impact on jobs in the short-term, as well as potentially negative effects on worker substitution in the long-term.


The Washington Post

Inflation is helping gig companies like Uber—and hurting their workers

Lindsey Cameron of the Wharton School explains how gig jobs are balanced to favor the companies rather than the workers themselves.


The New York Times

How Republicans are ‘weaponizing’ public office against climate action

A study co-authored by Daniel Garrett of the Wharton School shows that Republican lawmakers are using the public finance market to make political statements, with potentially large costs.


CBC Radio (Canada)

Appeal or wait? Brittney Griner’s legal team faces tough decision post-sentencing, says expert

Ph.D. candidate Kimberly St. Julian Varnon of the School of Arts & Sciences, who advised the WNBA Players’ Association on Brittney Griner’s case, outlines the post-sentencing path for Griner and her legal team.