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Grand Opening Planned Dec. 5 for 'The Hub,' Mixed-Use Building at 40th and Chestnut Streets

WHAT:  A grand opening event, celebrating the completion of The Hub, a nine-story, 100-unit residential-retail complex at 40th and Chestnut streets in University City, constructed by Teres Holdings, LLC, of PhiladelphiaWHERE:  The second floor of The Hub, 3935 Chestnut St., PhiladelphiaWHEN:  5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 5

Julie McWilliams

The critical role of history after Dobbs

According to Penn Carey Law’s Serena Mayeri, the majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization relies upon a flawed, results-driven historical methodology to deny fundamental freedoms. 

From Penn Carey Law

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Rich people really are happier than the rest of us: study

A study by Matthew Killingsworth of the Wharton School finds that the ultra-rich are far happier than people earning $500,000 a year, who are themselves notably happier than low- and middle-income earners.



Jarkesy decision doesn’t have to mark end of agency adjudication

David Zaring of the Wharton School writes that the SEC can establish a procedural rule that recognizes a right to remove, preserving the administrative powers of regulatory agencies.



You can never have too much money, happiness researcher finds

Matthew Killingsworth of the Wharton School says that the positive association between money and well-being continues far up the economic ladder.



Five keys to a positive and evolving strategy for business leadership

In their book “The Strategic Leader’s Roadmap,” Harbir Singh and Michael Useem of the Wharton School recommend critical steps for the success of new business founders.



Immigrants aren’t victims or villains. This Wharton professor says we’re missing the real story

In his new book, “The Truth About Immigration,” Exequiel (Zeke) Hernandez of the Wharton School says that immigrants have unexpected and overwhelmingly positive effects on the communities they join.