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"At the Cutting Edge: The State of the Art Quilt " at the Arthur Ross Gallery

WHO: Philadelphia artists Cindy Friedman, Amy Orr, Leslie Pontz, Emily Richardson, Lonni Rossi and Deborah SchwartzmanWHAT: "At the Cutting Edge: The State of the Art Quilt" exhibitionWHERE: Arthur Ross Gallery, Furness Library Building, University of Pennsylvania, 220 S. 34th Street.WHEN: June 15 through July 28, 2002.

What’s the future of blood pressure monitoring?

Blood pressure monitoring is evolving for more convenience, comfort and accessibility, and may feature innovative methods, like customized “smart” sneakers, or by taking a two-minute video selfie.

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A Quarter-century of Community Partnerships

Glen Casey will be the first to admit it: He wasn’t the perfect student in high school. “I was always doing the dumbest things; getting into fights, getting arrested,” he says. A student then at University City High, Casey failed ninth grade, and barely passed 10th. “I just really wasn’t into school,” he says.

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Doctors, nurses and medical groups call for mandatory coronavirus vaccinations for health workers

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel said workplace vaccine mandates could improve uptake. When Penn’s health system required staff to get COVID-19 vaccines, Emanuel said, “the sky didn’t fall. When we do it, and we have a good justification, people respond.”


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Your vaccinated immune system is ready for breakthroughs

Laura Su of the Perelman School of Medicine explained why breakthrough COVID-19 infections occur in vaccinated people. “People tend to think of this as yes or no—if I got vaccinated, I should not get any symptoms; I should be completely protected,” she said. “But there’s way more nuance than that.”


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Should your doctor be vaccinated? Frontline workers face calls for mandatory inoculation

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel spoke about vaccine mandates for health care workers. “Patients come first. It's our obligation to promote their health and well-being,” he said.


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Private companies must require vaccines for workers. It's the only way to get past COVID

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel and research coordinators Matthew Guido and Amaya Diana wrote an opinion piece calling for vaccine mandates in the private sector. “The mandates are ethical, providing huge benefits that outweigh risks, and higher immunization rates maximize the vaccine’s benefits in the workplace and community,” they wrote.



How scientists are subtracting race from medical risk calculators

Nwamaka Eneanya of the Perelman School of Medicine said researchers need to consider the drivers of health disparities, rather than merely correlating race with health outcomes. “That’s not a standard that is expected of scientists in this day and age, and it needs to be,” she says. “This is a wake-up call for the scientific community.”