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Penn Media Seminar on Gun Violence

Featured below is information on the experts from the Penn Media Seminar on Gun Violence as well as audio transcripts of the proceedings.  The Penn Media Seminar on Gun Violence is one of a series of programs to which reporters, editors and producers from the news media are invited.  Featured panelists

Understanding Smooth Eye Pursuit - The Incredible Targeting System of Human Vision

PHILADELPHIA -- Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have shed new light on how the brain and eye team up to spot an object in motion and follow it, a classic question of human motor control.  The study shows that two distinctly different ways of seeing motion are used - one to catch up to a moving object with our eyes, a second to lock on and examine it.

Jordan Reese

Penn Vet Announces World Leadership and Student Inspiration Awards

PHILADELPHIA - The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine has launched the first veterinary medicine awards of its kind designed to recognize innovation, creativity and leadership in the veterinary profession anywhere in the world.  

Gail Luciani, Jennifer Rench

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The Washington Post

In the line for scarce covid treatments, immunocompromised Americans should go before the unvaccinated

Emily Largent of the Perelman School of Medicine and Govind Persad of the University of Denver wrote an op-ed arguing that, when resources are scarce, people who are immunocompromised or unvaccinated due to ineligibility should be prioritized for COVID-19 treatments over those who have remained unvaccinated by choice.


The Washington Post

PCR COVID tests are not very useful. Focus on rapid antigen tests instead

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel and other members of the Biden administration’s transitional COVID-19 advisory board wrote an op-ed advocating for more reliance on rapid antigen tests. They argued that PCR tests can have slow turnaround times, which can render the results moot.



‘COVID shame’ is becoming more common during omicron spike

Hillary Ammon of the Perelman School of Medicine spoke about the shame and guilt that sometimes accompany a COVID-19 diagnosis. “I like to tell clients that I am working with that they made the best decision they could with the information they had at that present time,” she said. “Additionally, reminding them that their risk and safety calculations are personal and unique to their life circumstances.”


Business Insider

Workers at a Wisconsin hospital sought new jobs with higher pay—then the hospital sued to stop them from leaving

Research by the School of Nursing found that nurse burnout and job dissatisfaction are tied to poor working conditions.


The New York Times

Why does alcohol mess with my sleep?

Ilene M. Rosen of the Perelman School of Medicine said alcohol is a sedative and should not be combined with sleep aids. “I would not use any sedative hypnotic, whether over-the-counter or not, when you’re drinking alcohol,” she said.