Health Sciences

What’s the future of blood pressure monitoring?

Blood pressure monitoring is evolving for more convenience, comfort and accessibility, and may feature innovative methods, like customized “smart” sneakers, or by taking a two-minute video selfie.

Penn Today Staff

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The Hill

Republicans’ ‘Charlie Brown’ budget problem

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel says that the Affordable Health Care Act is too woven into the system for Republicans to dismantle.


Hindustan Times (Delhi)

T cells therapy in solid tumors shows improvement

A preclinical study by researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine is using a novel “one-two punch” strategy to assist T cells in attacking solid tumors.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Counting and cuddling bear cubs across Pennsylvania

Scott Larsen of the School of Veterinary Medicine and a team of biologists are tagging, recording, and monitoring black bears in Pennsylvania while helping to change public perception of bears.


The Washington Post

Even over the counter, Narcan may be too costly to reach many drug users

Bonnie Milas of the Perelman School of Medicine likens keeping Narcan kits on hand at home to having protective fire extinguishers.



How just 39 minutes of sleep can make or break your child’s health, happiness and school day

Ariel Williamson of the Perelman School of Medicine says that quality of life outcomes in sleep studies for children can resonate with families, teachers, and public health officials.