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University of Pennsylvania Engineers Reveal What Makes Diamonds Slippery at the Nanoscale

PHILADELPHIA –- They call diamonds “ice,” and not just because they sparkle. Engineers and physicists have long studied diamond because even though the material is as hard as an ice ball to the head, diamond slips and slides with remarkably low friction, making it an ideal material or coating for seals, high performance tools and high-tech moving parts.

Jordan Reese

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An education chatbot company collapsed. Where did the student data go?

Rob Nelson of the Provost’s Office says that it’s too soon in the development of generative AI tools to scale up one idea to a whole school district or college campus.



A detailed look at children’s brains might show how sex and gender are different, new study says

A study co-authored by Dani S. Bassett of the School of Engineering and Applied Science finds that sex and gender map onto largely distinct parts of the brain.


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Demand for rare elements used in clean energy could help clean up abandoned coal mines in Appalachia

John Quigley of the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the Weitzman School of Design says that the things that have created climate change can be a solution for it if handled smartly.


Fast Company

Dirty water, more pollution, and oil wells on public lands: How a second Trump term would torpedo the environment

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that Project 2025 would completely undermine any U.S. action on climate and signify an abdication of American leadership to the world.



University of Pennsylvania researchers comb the forest floor to understand tick life cycles and the diseases they carry

Dustin Brisson and postdoc Raquel Gonçalves of the School of Arts & Sciences and colleagues are studying tick life cycles to better understand how they transmit diseases.



‘Game over for climate action’: top climate scientist on 2nd Trump term

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that another Donald Trump presidency would guarantee the dismantling of federal climate and environmental policies.



Michael Mann on CNN with Jim Acosta discussing heat wave across U.S.

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that heat waves are going to get more pervasive, intensify, and expand if people fail to act on climate change.



AI-pocalypse and the world without accountants: What will happen?

A team of researchers from Penn and OpenAI found that accountants and auditors are among the occupations with the highest exposure to AI.


The Telegraph

Antibiotics created from extinct species could fight infections

César de la Fuente of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and Perelman School of Medicine and colleagues are using AI algorithms to find antibiotics in extinct animal species.


Florida soaked with epic rainstorms: Yep, it’s climate change

Michael E. Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that continued fossil fuel burning could lead to six feet of sea level rise and the displacement of nearly a billion people by the end of the century.