Redcap's Corner

WHAT: Redcap’s Corner, located at 4040 Locust St., is a recently opened store and space that is home base for gamers of every ilk.

COME TO PLAY: The store opened in February of this year, and expanded in May. Located within the confines of West Philly mainstay Video Library, Redcap’s Corner features games for sale (including Warhammer, Settlers of Catan and Magic: The Gathering), but first and foremost, is a place to gather together and play, says Benn Roe, one of Redcap’s four owners. “It’s primarily a hangout, and secondarily a retail spot,” he says.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Redcap’s stock and trade is in board games and role-playing games—what Roe calls the “geeky, fantasy stuff.” Roe says they don’t sell many traditional games, since their prices are so easily undercut by big box stores, though people are welcome to stop by with their own boards. They also have a big cabinet full of demo games that are available for anyone to use.

THE GATHERINGS: The store offers structured events nearly every night of the week, from the trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh! to the classic Dungeons & Dragons, as well as a host of special events. Coming up on Sept. 6 is a launch party for Planechase, a new set of cards for the fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering; on Sept. 26, the store will host a prerelease of Zendikar, a new set of cards for Magic. Most events are free, though some run $5 to $25. Tables can also be reserved for $5.

ONE-OF-A-KIND: Roe says the owners were inspired to draw up a business plan and set up shop in the city because there was no place quite like it in Philadelphia. The majority of their customer base draws from Penn and Drexel, though people have come from all around the city to sit down with like-minded gamers.

SO FAR, SO GOOD: It’s a tough climate for a new business, but so far, Roe says, they’re in good shape. Crowds are growing, and the store has been able to sustain itself on the sale of soft drinks and snacks. Roe and the other co-owners can also count on help from five volunteers.

WHAT’S HIS FAVORITE?: Roe says he’s big on Magic, Dungeons and Dragons and the simple, elegantly designed board games Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride.

MORE INFO: Roe is working on a permanent website for the store, but until then, stay connected to the latest events at Redcap’s Corner through MySpace: