Out & About: Sweetgreen

WHAT: Sweetgreen, 3925 Walnut St., is an eco-friendly eatery serving organic salads, wraps, soup and frozen yogurt. The bright and airy restaurant is open everyday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

GREEN GREENS: Sweetgreen makes a point of buying local ingredients and even lists them daily on a blackboard inside the restaurant. The proteins used in the salads and wraps are free of hormones and antibiotics.

GOOD ENERGY: The furnishings inside Sweetgreen are made from reclaimed wood and wood from old bowling alleys. The lighting is energy-efficient and the restaurant offsets 100 percent of its energy usage with wind energy credits.

COLLEGE ROOTS: The restaurant chain, now nine locations long, was founded in 2007 by Georgetown University alumni Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Newman and Nathaniel Ru two months after they graduated. There are now seven locations in the greater Washington, D.C. region, and the chain’s two most recent openings have been in the Philadelphia area: Ardmore and Penn.

CREATIVE COMBOS: The menu includes eight signature salads with names such as Guacamole Greens, Derby Cobb, Caesar Reggiano and the Santorini, featuring roasted shrimp, feta cheese, grapes, fresh mint and chickpeas; topped with a cucumber basil yogurt dressing and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Prices range from $8 to $11.

BUILD YOUR OWN: Customers can also choose to create their own salads or wraps by selecting their favorite leafy green and adding three seasonal veggies for $6.35. Throwing in some cheese and a meat or protein such as roasted tofu, hard-boiled eggs, shrimp, bacon and chicken costs extra. Each salad comes with a piece of crusty whole grain bread.

SWEET TART: For dessert, Sweetgreen offers a slightly tart, fat-free frozen yogurt it calls Sweetflow. Customers can choose three toppings from a selection of fresh berries and tempting crunchies. A small serving (that is fairly large) costs $4. A big serving (that is really large) costs $6.

GO BOWLING: For those who plan to be Sweetgreen regulars, the restaurant offers a unique frequent-eater deal. For $5 customers can purchase a reusable plastic bowl with a special compartment for salad dressing called a Salad Blaster. Every time repeat customers bring their bowls back into the restaurant for a meal, they will receive a 50-cent discount on the entire salad. 

TALKING TRASH: All the serving utensils, including the bowls, cups and cutlery, are 100 percent plant-based and compostable. Customers are encouraged to think green by tossing their trash into compost and recycling bins inside the restaurant.