Design review

Dan Garofalo, Penn’s environmental sustainability coordinator and senior facilities planner, has been named to the first Civic Design Review Committee of the City of Philadelphia. The seven-member committee, mandated by the city’s new zoning code, will advise the City Planning Commission as it reviews development projects that have a significant impact on public streets, sidewalks, trails, parks, and open spaces. The committee will consist of six standing members and one rotating member, depending on the project’s location.

The other newly appointed standing members are Nancy Rogo Trainer, principal at VSBA LLC, architect, and member of the City Planning Commission since 2008; Michael Johns, acting deputy executive director for operations at the Philadelphia Housing Authority and architect; Anita Toby Lager, managing principal at LRSLAstudio and landscape architect; Anne Fadullon, director of real-estate development and investment at the Dale Corporation; and Cecil Baker, architect and long-time Washington Square West Civic Association zoning committee member. The seventh seat on the committee is rotating for each project, to be filled by a representative of a local registered community organization in the project’s area.