How much vacation time do Penn staffers get?

Dear Benjamin,
After trying to get a job at Penn for years, I was recently hired (Hallelujah!) as a full-time staff member at the University. I hear Penn has a generous benefits package and I was wondering—what is the University’s vacation policy?
—I Am Very Happy To Be Here!

Dear Happy To Be Here,
Welcome to Penn! (And please, call us Benny.) All regular part- and full-time staff members whose salaries are based on service for 12 months are eligible to request the use of accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) upon the completion of their Introductory Period. PTO is accrued monthly and is available for use the month following the month of accrual.

Jeff Rowland, manager of Staff and Labor Relations in the Division of Human Resources, says staff members with less than two years of service accrue 1.250 days per month. Staff members with at least two years of service accrue 1.417 days per month. Those with at least three years of service accrue 1.583 days per month, those with at least four years accrue 1.750 days per month, and staff with at least five years accrue 2.000 days per month. (University staff members covered by collective bargaining agreements should refer to the appropriate article in their contract.) Regular part-time staff members accrue Paid Time Off based on the percentage of a full time schedule worked.

Staff members can accrue a maximum of 24 vacation days; once this limit is reached, PTO days will stop accruing.

Twenty-four PTO days equates to about five weeks worth of vacation time, not including the special winter break. As I’m sure you’ve been made aware, Penn is closed between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, and staff members are paid for the time off in between.

Rowland says the University encourages staff members to use their Paid Time Off.

“This is your time; you’ve earned this time,” he says. “We encourage people to take time off from work because we really think it’s a way for staff to recharge their batteries and give them some down time so they can come back ready to work.”

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