New website highlights PIK professors

A recently launched website,, provides a way to stay updated with the ongoing, world-changing work of the University’s 15 Penn Integrates Knowledge (PIK) professors—a figure Penn President Amy Gutmann plans to grow as part of the Penn Compact 2020 initiative.

Gutmann’s 2005 announcement of the PIK initiative has made Penn a particularly enticing home for professors whose world-renown work bridges multiple academic disciplines. At a university where commitment to interdisciplinary research and teaching is rooted as deeply as the ivy that clings to its brick, PIK professors represent a signature Penn strength.

By providing each PIK professor with appointments in two Penn schools, the initiative supports the full breadth and depth of their pioneering work. At the same time, it builds on the network of meaningful exchanges that take place across the University’s 12 schools, 141 research centers and institutes, 89 majors, and myriad departments: exchanges that create, debunk, and modify knowledge in ways that reverberate through Philadelphia, the United States, and the world.