President's Engagement Prizes

Penn President Amy Gutmann recently announced the launch of the President’s Engagement Prizes, competitively awarded annual prizes for Penn seniors to design and undertake fully funded local, national, or global engagement projects during the first year after they graduate.

As many as three prize recipients—preferably one each for local, national, and global engagement—will receive $50,000 for living expenses and up to $100,000 for project-implementation expenses.

“The President’s Engagement Prizes are unique in higher education,” Gutmann says. “These prizes invite students to think creatively, on a large scale, about the meaning of engagement. In doing so, our graduates will have the opportunity to do well by doing good and make a profound difference in people’s lives locally, nationally, and around the globe.”

The President’s Engagement Prizes are the newest addition to the Penn Compact 2020 Presidential Initiatives, which include a comprehensive effort to raise an additional $240 million for the endowment to support undergraduate financial aid.

President Gutmann