How can I nominate my co-worker for a Model of Excellence Award?

Dear Benny,
I’ve heard of the Models of Excellence program and have known people who have won awards—but is anyone at Penn eligible for this? How do I nominate a deserving colleague?
—Supporting Staffer

Dear Staffer,
The Models of Excellence Program, which is run through Penn’s Division of Human Resources (HR), is designed to recognize notable staff members for their contributions to the University.

There are a few different awards within the program. First, the Models of Excellence Award may be given to either an individual or members of a team who have gone above and beyond in their job(s).

Second, the Model Supervisor Award is designed to recognize extraordinary supervisors on campus.

Third, the Pillars of Excellence Award—new last year—is for weekly-paid staffers who are not in supervisory positions, but who demonstrate a commitment to work and keep the University running smoothly.

Finally, the Commitment to Excellence Award recognizes staffers who perform the duties of their job within extraordinary circumstances. Nominations for this award are made by the Vice Dean, Vice Provost, and Vice President levels or above.

“Our staff members are among our most valuable assets and because of their talents and the Models achievements, Penn is one of the world’s premier academic institutions,” says Pat Zebley, special events consultant for HR’s Learning and Education program, who has worked with the Models program since early 2000. “I am continually impressed by the breadth and caliber of their achievements.”

Nominations for the Models of Excellence, Model Supervisor, and Pillars of Excellence awards are due by Nov. 2. Winners receive a cash prize and a symbolic award. For more information, including details on the nomination process, visit the HR website.

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