Penn tops green list

Penn tops the list of the 30 U.S. colleges and universities that use the most green power, according to the EPA’s Green Power Partnership program. The rankings, which are updated quarterly, include campuses with their own on-site, direct renewable energy and/or those whose electricity is supplied by green-powered partners. According to the rankings, Penn’s annual green power usage, which comes from wind, is 200,183,000 kilowatt-hours. Green power represents 51 percent of the University’s total electricity use.

Combined, the top 30 campuses use more than 1.9 billion kWh of renewable energy. This is equal to avoiding carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity used annually by more than 182,000 average single-family homes.

Nearly half—14 of the 30 top campuses—derive their entire electrical consumption from green power. To achieve this usage, 29 campuses use wind, 14 use solar, four use biomass, and one uses water (hydro) power. The campuses are varied in terms of regional location, size, and Carnegie classification.

The full list is available at the EPA Green Power Partnership at, a voluntary program intended to reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation by promoting renewable energy.