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The Washington Post

Racism can spark depression and anxiety in Black adolescents, study finds

Howard Stevenson of the Graduate School of Education says that scientific studies often influence and inform intervention strategies, including his own as director of the Racial Empowerment Collaborative.


Inside Higher Ed

Penn. lawmakers propose dueling plans for a higher ed overhaul

Joni Finney of the Graduate School of Education says that the longer the wait for legislation overhauling higher education, the less money there will be and the harder the problem will be to solve.



Dietary supplement found to reduce aggression by up to 28%

A study by Adrian Raine of the School of Arts & Sciences finds that daily omega-3 dietary supplements can lead to a reduction in aggression.


The New York Times

Living out loud, headphones nowhere to be found

Cristina Bicchieri of the School of Arts & Sciences says that she felt a greater sense of kindness in Italy than in America, rooted in a strong and enforced social contract that forbids uncivil behavior toward strangers.


Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania public defense system is unconstitutional, underfunded by at least $100M, new ACLU suit says

A study from Penn Carey Law suggests that public defense is likely underfunded and inadequate in every county of Pennsylvania.


The Scientist

Artificial chromosomes for disease modeling

A study by Ben Black of the Perelman School of Medicine and colleagues used a new technique for synthesizing chromosomes to introduce panels of genes into disease models, facilitating drug testing.


The Conversation

Reconstructing heritage after war: what we learned from asking 1,600 Syrians about rebuilding Aleppo

In a co-authored survey of residents of the Syrian city of Aleppo, PIK Professor Lynn Meskell identifies four key themes for the reconstruction of heritage sites after conflict.



How elections test the Federal Reserve’s independence

Christina Parajon Skinner of the Wharton School says that regionalism at the Federal Open Market Committee is a nod to America’s federalist system of government.


The New York Times

Harrison White, groundbreaking (and inscrutable) sociologist, dies at 94

Randall Collins of the School of Arts & Sciences and PIK Professor Duncan J. Watts discuss the career of the late Harrison White, a theoretical physicist-turned-sociologist.


Business Insider

Elon Musk dropped his OpenAI lawsuit, but he isn't done with Sam Altman and the AI race yet

David Hoffman of Penn Carey Law says that cases like Elon Musk’s proposed lawsuit against OpenAI can air a lot of dirty laundry and be a major distraction that impacts day-to-day operations.