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Lech Wałęsa on the state of democracy

The former Polish president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate had a wide-ranging chat with Philadelphia Inquirer columnist and Perry World House Visiting Fellow Trudy Rubin, tackling topics like Russia, Ukraine, and how to build democracies.

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After his wife died, he joined nurses to push for new staffing rules in hospitals

Karen Lasater of the School of Nursing and Leonard Davis Institute says that the nursing shortage crisis is rooted in unsafe staffing ratios at hospitals.


Tampa Bay Times

Could Florida electric bills go up because of a fuel made from manure?

Danny Cullenward of the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the Weitzman School of Design says that federal and California state subsidies have led to a gold rush of companies trying to get into the business of renewable natural gas around the country.


NBC News

Consumers are tired of price increases. Big brands are paying attention

John Zhang of the Wharton School says that many companies are currently more inclined to swallow some of the cost increases they’re shouldering, rather than passing them on to consumers completely.


Associated Press

A brain pacemaker helped a woman with crippling depression. It may soon be available to more people

Stanley Caroff of the Perelman School of Medicine says that scientists still don’t know the exact pathways or mechanisms in the brain that produce depression, making it hard to pick a site for deep brain stimulation.


Daily Mail (U.K.)

ADHD may have evolved more than 12,000 years ago as an advantage for foragers, study claims

A study led by David Barack of the Perelman School of Medicine suggests that ADHD may have played a major role in foraging and survival for ancient hunter-gatherers.


Philadelphia Business Journal

Philadelphia Union has a new sponsorship deal with local health system

Penn Medicine has entered into a multiyear partnership with the Philadelphia Union soccer team, featuring remarks from CEO Kevin B. Mahoney.


Fox 29 (Philadelphia)

Potential mpox exposure at school in Port Richmond causes parents to worry: What to know about the virus

Michael Cirigliano of the Perelman School of Medicine says that monkeypox spreads mostly through skin-to-skin contact, though the risk of exposure in normal settings is low.



Meta, Google and other social-media companies brace for heightened deepfake perils ahead of 2024 elections

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center says that the capacity exists in 2024 for individuals and nation-states to generate more misleading content that is microtargeted and harder to detect.


The Wall Street Journal

FuboTV sues to block ESPN, Warner and Fox sports-streaming service

PIK Professor Herbert Hovenkamp says that joint ventures between media competitors can injure rivals that don’t have access to the same programming.


Al Jazeera

Two years into Russia’s war in Ukraine, how strong is NATO’s unity?

Benjamin Schmitt of the School of Arts & Sciences and the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the Weitzman School of Design says that the concept of “Ukraine fatigue” is a defeatist and self-fulfilling prophecy.