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Architects of innovation

The Pavilion at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is rising as a towering example of the value of behavioral research in health-care building design.

Penn Today Staff

Bringing art to inner city teens

Renee Andrea Mills of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania has a passion for helping people and a passion for art, and for the past 25 years, she has combined both in community outreach, sharing the joy of creativity.

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The Washington Post

Study: When a city’s trashy lots are cleaned up, residents’ mental health improves

Eugenia South of the Perelman School of Medicine discussed the numerous benefits of cleaning vacant lots in urban neighborhoods. “We can make an impact on the entrenched health problems that we have,” said South.



We can take on the Catholic Church for covering up child sex abuse. Here’s how

Marci Hamilton of the School of Arts and Sciences shared her recommendations for holding the U.S. Roman Catholic Church accountable for its role in covering up child abuse.


The New York Times

As our media environment blurs, confusion often reigns

The Annenberg Public Policy Center’s Kathleen Hall Jamieson weighed in on the difficulty of parsing out fact from fiction or opinion in journalism and social media. “I don't blame the public for being confused,” she said.


“Good Morning America,” ABC News

Student debt crisis: This 28-year-old mom is ‘drowning’ in $80,000 of debt

Penn’s loan-free, grant-based financial aid program was highlighted in a discussion of the burden of student debt. President Amy Gutmann was cited as a first-generation college graduate.


The Wall Street Journal

New topic on campus: Civil discourse 101

The Graduate School of Education’s Jonathan Zimmerman advocated for teaching civil discourse in colleges. “The real world is full of incivility,” said Zimmerman. “To me that’s all the more reason why our educational institutions have to try to teach a different way of being.”


Associated Press

3 scientists share $500,000 prize for work on cancer therapy

Carl June of the Perelman School of Medicine was awarded the Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research for his work developing CAR-T cell therapies for treating cancer.


The New York Times

Why the explosive report on Catholic Church abuse is unlikely to yield criminal charges

Marci Hamilton of the School of Arts and Sciences discussed obstacles in extending or abolishing the statute of limitations for child abuse, saying that “the barrier is the bishops’ extraordinary power over leading Republicans.”


WHYY (Philadelphia)

3D printing companies take action against 3D guns amid debatable public safety threat

Tom Baker of the Law School discussed 3D printing manufacturers’ liability with regard to the creation of homemade guns.


SEPTA users learned a lesson in saving lives

In partnership with SEPTA, Penn offered transit riders free CPR training at Suburban Station.


Philadelphia Inquirer

‘Three Identical Strangers’ and the real science of nature vs. nurture

Rebecca Waller of the School of Arts and Sciences discussed epigenetics, the study of how a person’s environment can effect gene expression.