Do Penn employees get paid time off for jury duty?

Dear Benny,
I’m a relatively new full-time staffer who recently received a notice for jury duty. Does the University allow paid time off to fulfill my civic obligation? And with summer vacation planning on my mind, too, it might be nice to get a recap on PTO in general at Penn.
—The Jury is Still Out

Dear Juror-to-be:
What a timely, important question.

When it comes to jury duty, employees are always encouraged to serve and fulfill their civic obligation. The University provides regular faculty and staff members time off without change in status or loss of pay.

Employees slated for jury duty should notify their supervisors or department heads upon receipt of their summons. Individuals summoned for jury duty are expected to work during normal working hours whenever court is not in session or when their presence in court is not required. 

Penn understands the importance of providing time for rest and relaxation, and to attend to personal affairs. Staff members’ Paid Time Off accrual rates are based on their years of service in regular University positions and the date when they began continuous employment with Penn. For instance, those who’ve worked at Penn for less than two years and have successfully completed their introductory period accrue 1.25 days of PTO every month.

For those working here for at least five years, their monthly accrual rate is 2.

Weekly paid staff in regular University positions can see their PTO accruals on their online check advices. Most monthly paid staff can see their balances in the University’s or Perelman School of Medicine’s PTO Systems. If you have any questions about your balances, contact your supervisor or your departmental business administrator.

Any further questions? Feel free to contact Human Resources at 215-898-6093.

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