Is there a place to donate children’s books on campus?

Dear Benny,
I have a soon-to-be 14-year-old daughter (help!) who has tons of books that she used to read when she was younger, but she has now outgrown. These books are just filling up space on my bookshelf, unused. It would seem like a waste to throw them away. I was wondering if you know of any places on campus or in the area that accept donated children’s books?
Books by Dad

Dear Dad,
Thank you for your Twitter DM. There are a number of places on and around campus where you can donate books.

Penn Libraries’ community outreach program is currently accepting gently used books for K-12 students. Book donations can be dropped off at the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, library staff can pick them up from campus locations, or they can even pick them up from your home. For more information, contact Ancil George at

The Netter Center for Community Partnerships holds a book drive during Alumni Weekend (May 12-15). Contact Isabel Mapp at for additional information.

Mighty Writers West, at 3861 Lancaster Ave., accepts donated books, too. You can just drop them off.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) accepts donations for its Reach Out and Read Program, which provides books to young children during their primary care visits. Reach Out and Read accepts gently used books for children and adolescents. Their greatest need is books for children ages birth to 10 years. Contact CHOP’s Reach Out and Read coordinator at 215-590-5989 or

The Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation accepts book donations, as well. Books can be delivered to The Book Corner, located directly behind the main building at N. 20th and Wood streets. Call 215‑567‑0527 for hours or for more information.

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