Ford Motor Company Donates $2 Million to the University of Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA --- Ford Motor Company has donated $2 million to the University of Pennsylvania. The grant will provide support for a wide range of student and faculty programs at both The Wharton School and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

University President Dr. Judith Rodin said $1.5 million of the total amount will be donated over five years to Wharton, representing one of the largest single grants to the school from a publicly-traded company, and $500,000 will be contributed over five years to the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The contribution, made possible through Ford Motor Company Fund, continues a relationship between the Ford Motor Company and the University of Pennsylvania that has existed for more than 40 years.

"We are very pleased that Ford Motor Company has chosen to continue what has been a long-standing and productive relationship with Wharton as well as initiate a new relationship with the School of Engineering and Applied Science" Dr. Rodin said. "The programs and activities made possible through this generosity are not only important to these schools but represent support for programs and activities that are essential components of the University's vision for the future."

"Ford Motor Company's relationship with the University of Pennsylvania is a partnership in the truest sense, and Ford is committed to keeping it strong, " said Jacques A. Nasser, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company. "At Ford Motor Company, we are dedicated to becoming the world's leading consumer company for automotive products and services. As part of that dedication, our support for higher education continues to be a top priority. These initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania illustrate our continuing corporate commitment to higher education and our belief that academia and business should work more closely together to ensure that future generations of students are prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly competitive business environment."

Dr. Rodin said that Wharton will use its portion of the grant to support a variety of projects including minority programs and fellowships, the LEAD Program for high school students from under-represented minority groups, the Forum on Electronic Commerce, the Global Consulting Practicum and the Environmental Management Program.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science will use its part of the contribution to support minority fellowships, the Student Leadership Fund, the Virtual Laboratory, the Solar Car, Career Day activities and the Coaching to Success Program.