Penn School of Design Professor's Work to be Shown at Venice Biennale's International Art Exhibition

PHILADELPHIA -- Josh Mosley, a professor in the University of Pennsylvania's School of Design, is among the select artists who will show their work at the Venice Biennale's 52nd International Art Exhibition.  

Mosley is a Penn professor of fine arts, animation and digital media and also a fellow at the American Academy in Rome.  He will exhibit his new work, "dread," featuring mixed media animation about philosophers Blaise Pascal and Jean-Jacques Rousseau during a nature walk in which they are not able to resolve their perspectives on the nature of things.  

For the installation of Mosley's work, one room will be dedicated to the sculptures, and a large adjacent room will be dedicated to the 5 meter wide video projection of the six-minute mixed media animation.  The animation combines digitally 3D-scanned clay sculptures set in a forest landscape shot with stop-motion photography.

While at the American Academy in Rome, Mosley composed the music for the animation. He describes the music as being "like an orchestral-jazz ensemble with harpsichord and viola da gamba.  Rousseau and Pascal speak in gamba, with subtitles."

About 100 artists from around the world will exhibit their work at the Arsenale Corderi and Artiglierie and in the Padiglione Italia at the Giardini.

The exhibit runs June 10 through Nov. 21.

More information and images of the sculptures and animation can be found on Mosley's website,

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