Sharon Ravitch of Penn’s Graduate School of Education Named Advisor for Haitian Ministry of Education

PHILADELPHIA –- Sharon Ravitch, a senior lecturer in the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, has been named senior international advisor to the Haitian Ministry of Education for its Education Reconstruction Plan, designed to rebuild the nation’s education system.

Creutzer Mathurin, a senior leader in the Ministry, formalized an agreement today at Penn, solidifying Ravitch’s and GSE’s role in rebuilding the Haitian educational infrastructure.

“As an external advisor, I will partner with the Haitian Ministry of Education to assess and explore the challenges that existed prior to the earthquake and evaluate those in relation to the incredible strengths and possibilities that exist within and outside of Haiti,” Ravitch said.

The reconstruction, she said, is guided by underlying values, including cultural relevancy, sustainability, interdisciplinary collaboration, building upon the knowledge and resources that already exist in-country, reciprocal transformation and leadership development.

“The education partnership that is taking shape with the leadership of Dr. Mathurin and Dr. Ravitch is exciting,” said GSE Dean Andy Porter.  “Our School has been working in international education development for years, and this work is definitely in line with University strategic priorities.  It’s good to know that we’ll be able to have a role in Haiti’s recovery.”

Ravitch is a Penn GSE alumna, who earned her doctorate in 2000.  She is the research co-director at the Center for the Study of Boys’ and Girls’ Lives and the principal investigator of several applied development research projects in developing countries, such as Nicaragua and Ecuador.

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