University Launches Comprehensive Penn Wellness Portal

A Message to the Penn Community
Amy Gutmann, President
Wendell Pritchett, Provost

We wrote to you last month, in the wake of the Campus Conversation, about our plans to further advance the critical importance of wellness at Penn. At that time, in addition to initiatives at CAPS, we promised to launch a comprehensive website to bring together resources, events, and programs that support wellness across the University.

We are pleased to let you know that we have now launched this website, which you can find at:

The website includes an event calendar and a comprehensive guide to resources for wellness at Penn. It is organized to remind us that wellness is multi-dimensional – our emotional and mental wellness are intimately connected to our social, physical, spiritual, financial, sexual, and occupational wellness. You will find specific resources on the site in all of these vital categories. Above all, this is a dynamic website: we encourage you to submit suggestions on how to improve it to even better serve our community. And we encourage you to suggest events and resources that should be included.

It is especially important for us to continue to strengthen our bonds as a community. As one small but important step in this direction, we are reinvigorating the Take Your Professor to Lunch program, which provides an easy way for students and professors to get to know each other better outside the classroom. We will both have lunch with students in the near future to encourage all of you to do the same, as will many of our deans and other senior leaders. You can learn more about the program and how to participate in it at:

In multitudinous ways, we reaffirm our responsibility to care for each other and forge the most vibrant and resilient Penn community. Please let us know if you have additional ideas about how we can continue to support and sustain wellness at Penn, which you can do directly from the homepage of the wellness website at: