The story the bowls tell

In an ambitious new project, historian Simcha Gross and Harvard’s Rivka Elitzur-Leiman are studying hundreds of ancient incantation bowls housed at the Penn Museum. They hope to better understand the objects and eventually, build a database of all these bowls worldwide.

Michele W. Berger

Keepers of the cultural memory

In wartime, saving human lives is a top priority. But secondary considerations often include preserving the cultural heritage also under siege. Penn experts offer their thoughts as the situation in Ukraine continues to unfold.

Michele W. Berger

In the News

Jewish Exponent

New Penn Museum exhibit adds context to Jewish history

The new Eastern Mediterranean Gallery at the Penn Museum expands the context of Jewish history, with quotes from Director Christopher Woods and Lauren Ristvet of the School of Arts & Sciences.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

Penn Museum unveils a new look at the ancient Mediterranean world

Virginia Herrmann, Joanna Smith, and Director Christopher Woods of the Penn Museum discuss the history behind the artifacts of the new Eastern Mediterranean Gallery.


Philadelphia Inquirer

A new gallery at Penn Museum relooks at Eastern Mediterranean history

The Penn Museum’s new Eastern Mediterranean Gallery, “Crossroads of Culture,” seeks to highlight the social, commercial, and political innovations of countries like Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria.


Al Día

Fragments of history from the Penn Museum’s new Eastern Mediterranean Gallery

The Penn Museum will open its new Eastern Mediterranean Gallery this weekend, featuring live musical performances, workshops, and pop-up talks alongside approximately 400 artifacts.


Middle East Eye

New archaeological discoveries in Iraq uncover questions of community ownership

Michael Danti of the School of Arts & Sciences and the Penn Museum says that the reliefs uncovered at Mashki Gate are revolutionary for Assyrian sculpture in the way that they portray space.


Popular Archaeology

Penn Museum and Iraqi archaeologists uncover 2,700-year-old artifacts, after destruction by ISIS

Michael Danti and Christopher Woods of the School of Arts & Sciences and the Penn Museum and Richard Zettler of the Museum discuss their recent discovery of ancient Assyrian reliefs in the Iraqi city of Mosul.