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National myths and monuments

Season two, episode four, of the OMNIA podcast “In These Times” features three faculty discussing the movement to reexamine monuments and the history and myths they symbolize, and how the public should think about the artworks in public squares.

Monument Lab app expands space and time at Art Museum steps

OverTime, a new augmented reality app that weds public art and history in a personal visual format gives users access to interactive, self-guided tours of public spaces, and invites users to add stories of their own.

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The New York Times

John Singer Sargent’s secret muse

Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw of the School of Arts and Sciences spoke about the practice of updating information about well-known artworks in museum wall labels and catalogs. “Curators and art historians have been interested in trying to reveal more—in part because there’s more interest in having a robust understanding of the past,” she said.


The New York Times

One fateful night with Donny Hathaway

Guthrie Ramsey of the School of Arts and Sciences said that when evaluating artists with mental illnesses, “we should simply put it into context, like we do other aspects of their upbringing, rather than making it some mysterious gift that they seem to be bestowed.”


The New York Times

How a businesswoman became a voice for art’s black models

Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw of the School of Arts and Sciences spoke about the importance of contextualizing “African-American art and visual culture and artistic production.” She went on to note that many black students may not pursue the field of art history due to poor representation in faculty and curriculum.


Video: Penn Museum’s Middle East gallery

The Penn Museum has unveiled its gallery of Middle Eastern art and antiquities. The new gallery, which covers nearly 10,000 years of history, is the first in a series to be installed at the Museum during the next several years.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Visit the Penn Museum’s Sphinx this Weekend, or Wait Another 4 to 6 Years

The Sphinx at the Penn Museum will be on display for a final weekend prior to a four- to six-year renovation.


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Iraqi, Syrian Guides Bring Views to Philadelphia Museum

The Penn Museum has welcomed four new participants to Global Guides, a program designed to help contextualize historic content from the Middle East. “People who come from these places, even in contemporary times, can find a connection with the objects,” said Ellen Owens, the museum’s director of learning programs.