Well water, lead, and the link to juvenile delinquency

Research from Penn and other universities found that, compared to children with municipal water, those relying on private wells in the U.S. had a 21% higher risk of being reported for any delinquency and a 38% increased risk of being reported for serious delinquency after age 14.

Michele W. Berger

The story of immigration enforcement

In an award-winning paper, criminologist Aaron Chalfin examines the public safety implications of labor market-based immigration enforcement.


COVID-19, protests, and crime

During a summer internship with the Law School’s David Abrams, rising sophomores Caroline Li and David Feng looked at how the COVID-19 pandemic and last summer’s racial justice protests affected America’s crime rate. 

Kristen de Groot

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Laws restricting right to film police prove to be a waste of time

Seth Kreimer of Penn Carey Law is quoted on the accompaniment of cellphone camera technology by cases of police prosecuting critics who recorded them.


Pennsylvania Capital Star

Philly DA Krasner not alone among progressive prosecutors fighting GOP attacks

John Holloway of Penn Carey Law’s Quattrone Center says that blaming prosecutor Larry Krasner for Philadelphia’s high trends in gun crime is too simplistic.


USA Today

Livestreamed violence compounds America’s horror and inspires copycats, experts say. When will it stop?

PIK Professor Desmond Upton Patton says that the digital trail of evidence left by violent criminals needs study, resources, and intervention to avoid exacerbating community trauma and damaging mental health, especially for people of color.


Texas Standard

Harris County’s bail reform efforts aren’t making crime worse, study shows

In a Q&A, Paul Heaton of Penn Carey Law explains the findings of his study on 2017 misdemeanor bail reform, ranging from its current impact to its long-term potential as an example for further reform.


Houston Chronicle

Report: Fewer misdemeanor defendants reoffended in Harris County after bail reform injunction

According to Paul Heaton of Penn Carey Law, Harris County’s reforms show that misdemeanor bail reform can lead to less costly punishment for defendants and taxpayers rather than increasing crime.


Philly students talk about ending gun violence

A study by Eugenia South of the Perelman School of Medicine and colleagues shows that low-income Philadelphia neighborhoods which received city-funded housing repairs saw a 21% reduction in crime.