How the U.S. rental market is increasing inequality

Wharton's Benjamin Keys, Zillow's Aaron Terrazas and the Brookings Institution's Jenny Schuetz explain how an increase in the number of luxury rentals on the market means declining high-end rents, while affordable rent for the working class continues to be a struggle.

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Camille Z. Charles on the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act

Camille Z. Charles, professor of sociology, Africana studies, and education, and director of the Center for Africana Studies, talks about residential segregation and the promises and failures of the Fair Housing Act in light of the legislation’s 50th anniversary.

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Crowding between the book covers

In her new book, English professor Emily Steinlight focuses on overpopulation as a central theme of 19th-century British novels.

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Penn One Health goes abroad

In August, Penn Vet student James Ferrara will combine veterinary research and public health outreach in Nepal, where he will join a team of graduate students conducting research on Campylobacter, a bacteria found in unpasteurized milk, that is prone to cause infection.

Jacob Williamson-Rea

Correcting a blind spot

A groundbreaking genetic study seeks to transform the prevention and treatment of glaucoma while reversing historical racial disparities in who suffers from the disease, and who benefits from such research.

Queen Muse

Listening to the needs of Black male teachers

In researching his forthcoming book, Ed Brockenbrough revealed Black male teachers have a strong sense of responsibility to students, and they feel uniquely alone in that challenge.

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