Avery Posey’s cancer research takes high risks for big rewards

The assistant professor of systems pharmacology and translational therapeutics, who studied with Carl June as a postdoctoral fellow, combines his two research passions—gene therapy and investigating ‘little known’ biology—in the pursuit of new knowledge.

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Navigating cytokine storms

Pairing their expertise, Nilam Mangalmurti of the Perelman School of Medicine and Christopher Hunter of the School of Veterinary Medicine have been working to understand the protective and harmful aspects of the immune response, including in COVID-19.

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A woman may have been cured of HIV without medical treatment

Una O’Doherty of the Perelman School of Medicine commented on a study that appeared to fully suppress HIV without using drugs. “It’s certainly encouraging but speculative,” she said. “I need to see more before I would say, ‘Oh, she’s cured.’”


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Decades-old Soviet studies hint at coronavirus strategy

Paul Offit of the Perelman School of Medicine said the benefits of a repurposed vaccines are limited. “We are much better off with a vaccine that induces specific immunity,” he said.