Clarifying T cell ‘exhaustion’

T cells, which are among the most powerful weapons in the immune systems of humans and other vertebrates, remain substantially programmed to stay exhausted even many weeks after exposure to a virus ended.

Hannah Messinger

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Chemistry World

A decade of CAR T cell therapy 

In a feature on the history and future of CAR T, the work of Carl June, Michael C. Milone, Aimee Payne, Drew Weissman, and Jonathan Epstein from the Perelman School of Medicine is highlighted.


Technology Networks

CAR T cells engineered to deliver RNA to enhance immunotherapy response

Andy J. Minn of the Perelman School of Medicine explains how Chimeric antigen receptor T cells typically are like lone soldiers without backup.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Penn immunotherapy pioneer Carl June shares prize from Israeli foundation that also honors Fauci

Carl June of the Perelman School of Medicine was awarded a Dan David prize for his contributions to immunotherapy.


The New York Times

A woman may have been cured of HIV without medical treatment

Una O’Doherty of the Perelman School of Medicine commented on a study that appeared to fully suppress HIV without using drugs. “It’s certainly encouraging but speculative,” she said. “I need to see more before I would say, ‘Oh, she’s cured.’”


The New York Times

Decades-old Soviet studies hint at coronavirus strategy

Paul Offit of the Perelman School of Medicine said the benefits of a repurposed vaccines are limited. “We are much better off with a vaccine that induces specific immunity,” he said.