The path from innovation to implementation

Penn’s infrastructure in both supporting clinical research and forging commercial partnerships smooths the way from idea to approval.

Karen L. Brooks for Penn Medicine Magazine

Harnessing an innate protection against Ebola

School of Veterinary Medicine researchers have identified a cellular pathway that keeps Ebola virus from exiting human cells, with implications for developing new antivirals.

Katherine Unger Baillie

CAR T cell therapy may eliminate tumor cells missed by surgery

The results of a study led by Penn Medicine’s Carl June greenlights preclinical trials for the application of CAR T therapy in gel form to surgical wounds following partial tumor removal to eliminate residual tumor cells.

From Penn Medicine News

Advances in cancer research

Recent research shows promise in a novel CAR T therapy after cancer relapse, and a novel treatment for multiple myeloma.

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CAR T cell therapy reaches beyond cancer

Penn Medicine researchers laud the early results for CAR T therapy in lupus patients, which point to broader horizons for the use of personalized cellular therapies.

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In the News

Philadelphia Business Journal

Philadelphia life sciences jobs being filled more by women than men, study finds

Jean Bennett, Katalin Karikó, and Drew Weissman of the Perelman School of Medicine are noted for their advancements in gene therapy and mRNA technology.


USA Today

In what could be a ‘big shift’ for cancer treatment, mRNA vaccine shows promise against melanoma

According to Robert Vonderheide of the Perelman School of Medicine, the pandemic proved that mRNA vaccines could be used safely and developed quickly.


The Wall Street Journal

Moderna, Merck show progress toward cancer vaccines

Robert Vonderheide of the Perelman School of Medicine says that a combined immunotherapy-vaccine approach could be a game changer for melanoma patients.


Associated Press

Novel treatment shows promise against rare cancer in kids

Carl June of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on the success of a new study using CAR-T cell therapy to combat tumors in children with a rare kind of cancer.


The Hill

Could the silver lining of the pandemic be pan-vaccines?

Scott Hensley of the Perelman School of Medicine and colleagues have developed a vaccine that could provide a baseline level of protection against all 20 known flu strains.


The Atlantic

The next stage of COVID is starting now

Scott Hensley of the Perelman School of Medicine says that children’s responses and vulnerability to future bouts of coronavirus may depend on the variants they encounter.