Shooting for the moon

In her Language and the Brain course, linguistics professor Kathryn Schuler asked 30 undergrads to think big about big problems—and their solutions didn’t disappoint.

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The Atlantic

How Home-state Pronunciations Can Shape Elections

The School of Arts and Sciences’ Mark Liberman offered commentary on Donald Trump’s failed attempt to use a variant pronunciation of “Nevada” in 2016, a task George W. Bush and John Kerry also struggled with during their 2004 campaigns.


The Washington Post

Nixon had ‘Deep Throat,’ Trump has ‘Lodestar’: An archaic word becomes a resistance hashtag

Mark Liberman of the School of Arts and Sciences provided a linguistic history of the word ‘lodestar.’ “Going back to the 14th or 15th century, there’s a metaphoric use referring to not the pole star but to any principle or person or idea or goal used for guidance,” said Liberman.