Creating authentic connections in virtual teams

Working with Matriarca, an Argentinian sustainable goods distributor, scientists from the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative leveraged an exercise known as ‘Fast Friends’ to improve online collaboration within the organization.

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Meta’s Threads takes on Twitter

Meta’s new social platform, Threads, is off to an impressive start, but can it continue its initial success against Twitter? Wharton’s Pinar Yildirim weighs in.

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Why livestream commerce is on the rise

Wharton’s Tom Robertson explains livestream commerce, one of the hottest trends in digital sales. There are great benefits to using the medium, but only if retailers can get it right.

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The New York Times

Margaritaville aims to hang on after Jimmy Buffett’s death

Barbara Kahn of the Wharton School says that Margaritaville could risk overextending itself and lose some esteem without the identity of its founder, Jimmy Buffett.


The Washington Post

LinkedIn posts have gotten personal and deep

Americus Reed of the Wharton School says that people have less tolerance for personal content shared on LinkedIn because the platform is so well situated in its professional identity.



Endless varieties of the S&P 500, based on people’s beliefs

A survey by the Baker Retailing Center at the Wharton School finds that three-quarters of Gen Z prefer to buy from sustainable companies rather than just brand names.


Philadelphia Inquirer

As Urban Outfitters sales struggle, the company is focusing on Anthropologie and Free People

Peter Fader of the Wharton School says that discretionary buying is hard to do right now, especially for younger consumers and those with less income.



Young marketers are becoming leading experts in AI and leveraging generative AI to create new competition in marketing

Denise Dahlhoff of the Wharton School details the ways in which marketers have utilized AI to expand their job roles, sparking a major shift in the use of generative AI.


American Banker

Don’t exclude EBT accounts from the CFPB’s data access rule

In an Op-Ed, Wendy De La Rosa of the Wharton School says that low-income consumers won’t be able to take advantage of financial data access rules being drafted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.