Why livestream commerce is on the rise

Wharton’s Tom Robertson explains livestream commerce, one of the hottest trends in digital sales. There are great benefits to using the medium, but only if retailers can get it right.

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Why do we hold on to things we never use?

Wharton’s Jonah Berger talks about his research on how nonconsumption can turn ordinary products into perceived ‘treasures.’

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Elon Musk’s politics trigger strong reactions from Tesla customers

Americus Reed of the Wharton School comments on how consumers connect deeply with brands that share their values.


Stepping into an Amazon store helps it get inside your head

The Wharton School’s Peter Fader weighed in on Amazon’s new stores, which are equipped to gather data from customers’ every move. By tracking not just what’s purchased but also what’s handled along the way, Fader says “it becomes possible to figure out what’s the bait to attract and retain and build relationships with the most valuable customers.”